Traffic conditions (traffic jams and road events)

To show traffic conditions, click the Traffic conditions button(to hide them, just click it again).

This opens the Traffic conditions toolbar:
  • In the Traffic conditions line, you can choose the display mode:
    • Now — The map will display the current traffic conditions and icons with a traffic forecast for the upcoming hours.

      You will also see the Add home address and Add work address links here. Follow them to add the appropriate addresses to the map.

      If you specify a single address, the toolbar will display a button for setting a route home (or to work).

      If you specify both addresses, the toolbar will display the estimated travel time from work to home or from home to work.

    • Tomorrow — Move the slider between 0 and 24 to the appropriate point in time and the map will display a traffic forecast for the selected time on the following day (the forecast is based on statistics).
    • Choose day — Select the appropriate date in the calendar that opens and the map will display a traffic forecast for that day (the forecast is based on statistics).
  • In the Traffic restrictions line, you will see a list of current traffic restrictions within the visible map area. Select an item from the list and the map will center on the location of the selected restriction; the toolbar will show the restriction's start and end dates.
Traffic level

Indicated by color:

  • — Traffic is moving freely.
  • — Traffic is moving slower in this area.
  • — Traffic is congested.
  • — Road blocked.

If there is no reliable traffic data for a given area at the time, then you don't see a color indicator.

When this mode is turned on, the Traffic conditions button displays the traffic level:(on a ten-point scale):

  • 1 — Roads are clear.
  • 2 — Roads are mostly clear.
  • 3 — Some congestion.
  • 4 — Some congestion.
  • 5 — Heavy traffic.
  • 6 — Bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • 7 — Serious traffic jams.
  • 8 — Traffic is backed up for kilometers.
  • 9 — It is impossible to drive through the city.
  • 10 — It would be faster to walk.
Show traffic alerts

To view road events on the map (road work, accidents, etc.), enable the Show road events option at the bottom center of the screen.

Road events are displayed as icons:

  • — Accident
  • — Road blocked
  • — Other
  • — Road work
  • — Bridge up
  • — Future event (for example, the bridge will be up)

Click it to see a message about the event.