Public transport

Public transport stops display on the map as .

Click the public transport stop icon () to open the transport stop card with the following information:

  • Names of stops.

  • Route to here builds a route from your location to the stop.

  • This stop in smartphone . Click it to go to that map item in the Yandex.Maps mobile app on your mobile device that is linked to your account (or to install the app if you haven't done it yet).

  • Route numbers and types of transport that stop there.

  • Forecast of arrival: minutes remaining before the next (or next several) public transport vehicles arrive at your stop on the current route.

  • Edit information — opens a form for reporting a detected inaccuracy.

Click on the route found on the transport stop card to see the line and stops for that route (displayed as a colored line whose color depends on the type of transport).

Zoom in to see the icons with the route number and transport type on them, indicating the vehicles moving on the map in real time. The arrow on the icon represents the direction the vehicle is moving in. For example, the M3 bus moving northeast (upper-right), looks like this:

  • You can also search for a route; see Search on map.
  • You can enable the display of all types of vehicles moving within the visible map area by clicking Moving transport .