Quick search

The Yandex.Maps homepage has a quick search bar under the search bar.

Click the appropriate place type button on it (for example, “Food” or “Cinema”), and the map displays the places of the selected type found near your location. They are shown as placemarks on the map. Their appearance depends on the place type. For example: .

The list of the places found will be displayed on the slide-out panel in the left part of the screen.

The filter buttons are located above the list. Click the appropriate button to see only those list items that match the specified search criterion. For example, if you click Wi-Fi, the list will show only places with Wi-Fi.

To see all available filters, click the three dots button:

Click on the description of the required location in the list or on its placemark on the map to open its place card.

If the location you are looking for doesn't have a match in the quick search bar, go to item search from the search bar.