Send a notification to phone

If you are getting directions or looking for a particular place on Yandex.Maps, you can send a notification - which contains information about the place or directions - to your mobile device.

To do this, click Send to phone in the place's or route's information card.

  • If you are signed into Yandex.Maps on your computer with the same account as on your mobile device, then the notification will be sent immediately.
  • If you use different accounts on your mobile device and on Yandex.Maps, in the menu that opens you can choose additional methods to send the information: via email or SMS message.
  • In this same menu you will see a QR code which will also provide you with a notification if you scan it with your mobile device (providing you have a QR code scanning app installed).

Tap on the notification on your mobile device to open Yandex.Maps, which will display the route or place you sent. If you do not have the Yandex.Maps app installed, then the information will be displayed in your device's browser via the web version of Yandex.Maps.