Search on map

On Yandex.Maps, you can find:

  • Geographic areas:

    • By name:

      In the search results for [Moscow], you'll see results for the city, river, and hotel named “Moscow.”

    • By combination of toponym and place type:

      In the search results for [Moscow river], you'll see results for the Moscow river specifically.

    • By geographic coordinates:

      In the search results for [79°30′ N 76°54′ E] you'll see Visa island in the Kara Sea.

  • Organizations:

    • By name (in the search results for [pharmacy] you'll see all pharmacies located within the current map area).
    • By combination of name and toponym (in search results for [pharmacy, street name] you'll see pharmacies in the area of the street indicated).
  • Public transport route ─ by its number and type (for example, “Bus 39”). You will see the route line and the icons of the vehicles moving on the map in real time (see the Public transport and the Public transport stop card sections for more details).

To find a location:
  1. Enter your search in the search bar.

    As you enter your search, suggestions will appear that you can select to save time entering your search:

    If you search for a place by entering geographic coordinates, make sure that you enter them correctly:

    1. Coordinates should be entered as [latitude, longitude]] (separated by a comma and indicated in decimal degrees with a decimal point between the whole number and the fraction). For example: 55.777044,37.555554.

      The number of digits after the decimal point can not be more than seven (this level of accuracy positions the marker within 1 cm of the actual location).

    2. By default, the system searches for [North latitude, East longitude]. If you want to enter other values, you can use the following search options (N-North, S-South, E-East, W-West):

      • S55.777044,W37.555554
      • 55.777044S,37.555554W
  2. Objects found on the map are marked with placeholders and the place card or list of items displays simultaneously. To get information about one or more places, hold the cursor on a placemark and a yellow frame will appear around that place in the list. The opposite is also true: to highlight a placemark, hold the cursor over the corresponding place in the list:

  3. To get detailed information about a location, click its placemark or name in the list and its place card will open:

    The building's entrance location will be shown with a red arrow: .

    The list will not dissapear when you do this; you just need to click Return to list to see it again.

    To close a place card, click in the upper right corner of the card.

    More information about place cards.