Search on map

On Yandex.Maps, you can find:

  • Geographic areas:

    • By name:

      In the search results for [Moscow], you'll see results for the city, river, and hotel named “Moscow.”

    • By combination of toponym and place type:

      In the search results for [Moscow river], you'll see results for the Moscow river specifically.

    • By geographic coordinates:

      In the search results for [79°30′ N 76°54′ E] you'll see Visa island in the Kara Sea.

  • Organizations:

    • By name (in the search results for [pharmacy] you'll see all pharmacies located within the current map area).
    • By combination of name and toponym (in search results for [pharmacy, street name] you'll see pharmacies in the area of the street indicated).
To find a location:
  1. Enter your search in the search bar.

    As you enter your search, suggestions will appear that you can select to save time entering your search:

    If you search for a place by entering geographic coordinates, make sure that you enter them correctly:

    1. Coordinates should be entered as [latitude, longitude]] (separated by a comma and indicated in decimal degrees with a decimal point between the whole number and the fraction). For example: 55.777044,37.555554.

      The number of digits after the decimal point can not be more than seven (this level of accuracy positions the marker within 1 cm of the actual location).

    2. By default, the system searches for [North latitude, East longitude]. If you want to enter other values, you can use the following search options (N-North, S-South, E-East, W-West):

      • S55.777044,W37.555554
      • 55.777044S,37.555554W
  2. You'll see one or more places in the search results marked with placemarks. A place card or folder of places will display on the right. To get information about one or more places, hold the cursor on a placemark and a yellow frame will appear around that place in the list. The opposite is also true: to highlight a placemark, hold the cursor over the corresponding place in the list:

  3. To get detailed information about a location, tap its placemark and its place card will open:

    The list will not dissapear when you do this; you just need to click Back to results to see it again.

    To close a place card, click in the upper right corner of the card.

    More information about place cards.