Place card

A place card is a toolbar with information about a given place. It's appearance depends on the type of item:

Index card

To open the card for an organization, click on either the organization placemark on the map, or the name of the organization in the search results. The card contains the following:

  • The organization's name and type.

  • Save icon. Click this icon to save a place to your Bookmarks list.

  • Share icon. Click to share map item information.

  • Set route button. Click to set the route to your destination.

  • — Hours of operation on the current day. Click to see the place's complete schedule.

  • — panorama fragment (if the item appears on panoramas). Click to open a panorama

  • Item address.

  • Clicking More about organization takes you to a page with detailed information about the organization.

  • Information about the map item — phone number, link to site, details (for example, whether or not credit cards are accepted)

  • Ratings and reviews:

    • rating of place (from 0 to 10) and number of ratings for it.

      Click to add a positive review for a place or to add a negative one.
    • Organization reviews — click to go to a list of reviews (on the page with detailed place information).
  • Edit information — click to open a form where you can correct map errors and send information about them to support staff.

  • Send to phone — tap to send a notification about a place to a mobile device.

Transit stop cards

Click the transport stop icon (). The card for that transport stop opens, which contains the following:

  • Names of stops on the route.

  • A Route to here button. Click to set your route from your location to the transport stop.

  • A This stop in smartphone button. Click to go to that map item in the Yandex.Maps mobile app (or to install the app if you haven't already)

  • Icons for types of transport that stop there (buses, minibuses, etc.), including route numbers

  • Minutes remaining before the next (or next several) public transport vehicles arrives at your stop on the current route.

  • Edit information link. Click to send a message concerning any inaccuracies you found.

Click on the route to see the line and transport type for that route. For more information, see Public transport.


You can also search for a route; see Search on map.

Place card

Right-click on the appropriate point on the map and select What's here? in the context menu that opens.

A place card will open that includes the following:

  • Place name and the administrative division where it is located.

  • An Add organization button that opens a form where you can add that organization to the map.

  • A Search nearby toolbar that lets you find places close to the one you selected.

    • — restaurants
    • — cafes
    • — museums
    • — hotels
  • Edit information link. Click to send a message concerning any inaccuracies you found.