Place card

A place card shows information about an organization or place on the map:

To view it, click:

  • On the name of the organization in the search results, or the corresponding placemark on the map (depending on the place type, placemarks have a different appearance. For example:);

  • Right-click on a point on the map and select What's here? in the context menu that opens.;
  • Left-click on a point on the map and then click on the place name in the toolbar that opens.

The place card (for an organization or map point) opens on the slide-out panel in the left part of the screen.

Organization card

Select a specific organization from the list or on the map to open its card:

  • Panorama thumbnail (if the organization is displayed on the panoramas). Click it to open the panorama.

  • The organization's name and type.

  • — Rating (from 0 to 5) based on user ratings and reviews, and the number of reviews submitted.

    Click the Reviews link to see the reviews about the organization and to open the “Have you visited this place?” request. Clicking Yes opens the Write a review line. Click on it (or if you want to write your review later, click on the asterisk) to open the feedback window.

    Note. The list of reviews has buttons for filtering the list. Click the appropriate button to see only those list items that match the specified search criterion. For example, if you click Price, the list will show only reviews of prices.

    You can also change how the items are sorted in the list of reviews (Negative first → Positive first and so on).

  • (Save) — Click it to save the place in My places.

  • (Share) — Click it to open the menu:
    • (Send to phone) — Click it to send the coordinates of the selected point as a notification to the phone number linked to your account (see Send a notification to your phone).
    • Link to the selected point on the map. Click on the line to copy the link to clipboard.
    • Geographic coordinates of the selected point in two formats. Click on the appropriate line to copy the coordinates to clipboard.
  • Route. Click it to set the route to your destination.

  • — Business hours on the current day. Click it to see the full schedule.

  • Item address; if the item is close to metro stations and public transport stops, its card will contain a list of the three nearest metro stations and transport stops showing how far away they are.

  • More about organization — Click it to go to a page with detailed information about the organization.

  • Information about the map item:

    • Phone number.

    • Links to its website and pages in social networks.

    • Details: whether bank cards are accepted, whether there is Wi-Fi, etc.

  • Additional elements related to services provided by organizations. For example:

    • Book — In the card of a hotel where you can book a room or a restaurant where you can book a table. Click on the line to proceed to booking.
    • Thumbnails of posters for movies that are showing — In the card of a movie theater. Click on the thumbnail to proceed to purchasing a ticket.
    • Order delivery — In the cards of organizations that provide delivery of goods. Click on the line to proceed to ordering.
    • Showcase — Thumbnails of photos related to the organization's promotional offers. Click on the thumbnail to go to the promotion description.
  • Organizations inside — A category in the cards of organizations (shopping centers, railway stations, airports), within which a large number of small organizations are located.

    A list of organizations is displayed under this category. Each organization corresponds to a thumbnail photo with the name. Click on the thumbnail to go to the organization card.

    The list has filters by item category (cafes, ATMs, etc.) and a search bar that allows you to find the organization you need. Click Show all places to see the full list of organizations located within the item.

  • Edit information — Click it to open a window where you can edit information and send it to the Yandex.Maps support staff.

Place card

If there are no organizations at the selected map point, a place card opens:
  • Name — If the selected point belongs to a named item, the name of the item is displayed as the name of the point. If it doesn't, the name of the administrative division that it's located in is given.
  • Geographic coordinates of the selected point.
  • Elements similar to those of an organization card: Save, Share, etc.
  • Show entrances — Click it to enable the display of the entrances to the selected building:(if the point you selected belongs to the building).

  • Overview: Click to display details about the selected building, such as the year of construction (if the point you selected is related to a building).
  • Services: Click to display details about the services provided at the place (tax service, postal service and so on).
  • Edit information — Click it to open a window for reporting a detected inaccuracy:
    • Incorrect name.
    • Incorrect placemark position.
    • Delete an item from the map
  • Add organization — Click it to open a window for adding an organization to the map.

  • Search nearby — The quick search toolbar.