Place card

A place card is a panel with information about a given place.

To open a place card:

  • Click on the place card or on the place in the search results folder.

  • Right-click on the appropriate point on the map and select What's here? in the context menu that opens.

The place card appearance will depend on the place type.

Organization cards contain:

  • The place name and type.

    The name is a link that will take you to a page with detailed information about the organization (you can also get there by clicking More about organization).

    You can leave a review of the organization and read other people's reviews on that page, as well as add photos and see detailed information about the organization's working hours, etc.

  •  — Save icon. Click this icon to save a place to your Bookmarks list.

  • — The organization's rating from 0 to 10 (calculated based on multiple factors including the number of published and unpublished reviews and concrete ratings).

  • Hours of operation on current day: .

    Click to see the place's complete schedule.

  • If a place is included in a street panorama, the place card will include a fragment of the photo with a link to street panorama:

    For more information, see Street panoramas.

  • Address and administrative area of the place.

  • Phone number and link to place's website.

  • Information is a list of additional information about the place (its working schedule, important details like whether or not credit cards are accepted, etc.).

    Click Info about organization to view a page with detailed information about the organization.

  • Ratings and reviews:

    • I like this place — click , to add a positive place rating or to add a negative one. Your rating will be factored in when calculating an organization's overall rating.
    • Organization reviews — click to go to a list of reviews (on the page with detailed place information).

    For more information, see Managing reviews

  • Edit — click to open a form where you can correct map errors and send information about them to support staff.

    If you corrected information about an organization, then you will see the changes appear immediately in the place card on Yandex.Maps.

    You will be the only person that sees these changes until they pass moderation (you will also see the message “Thanks for updating information about this organization”).

    If the moderator determines that your correction doesn't infringe on any laws or other requirements, then your corrections will become visible to all users.

    If you are a representative of the company, make changes in .

  • Add a business or organization — click to open a form where you can add an organization and send information about it to support staff.

  • Create route . Click this button to set a route to a place. For more information, see Setting route.