My maps (Map Constructor)

You can make a map of your places (for example, your route home, or to your office, or vacation destination).

You can draw the following on the map:

  • Placemarks — Entryways, meet-up points, etc.

  • Lines — Streets, routes, borders, etc.

  • Polygons (including those with internal outlines) — Homes, suburban areas, lakes, etc.

This type of map can serve multiple purposes:

  • Save and post it to your site or blog as an interactive map or image.

  • Print it.

  • Send it to friends as a link or drawing.

You can also save your map places to a file, which can be used for the following:

  • To import map points to navigation programs.

  • To use them with the Yandex.Maps API.

  • To view and save data in other programs (such as Google Earth).

To create or edit your own map, click or your username. In the menu that opens, select My maps.

The Yandex Map Constructor window opens.

For more information, see Map Constructor.