Map doesn't display

Yandex.Maps may not display due to the following reasons:

  1. You are using a browser that we don't yet support. In this case a gray rectangle will display instead of the map.

    Solution. Install a browser that works with maps:

    • Yandex

    • Opera

    • Google Chrome

    • Internet Explorer (version 11)

    • Edge

    • Mozilla Firefox

    The list of browsers that work with our service is constantly expanding.

  2. JavaScript support is disabled in the browser.

    You can easily check if this is the case by checking the map buttons: if all the buttons are visible (the Ruler, Street panoramas, Layers, Routes, Traffic jams, and Contact us), then JavaScript is working. If only some of the buttons are visible, it means that JavaScript support has been disabled.

    Solution. Enable JavaScript support.

  3. Security software (firewalls, antiviruses, ad blockers, etc.) has blocked the map. Unfortunately, certain settings within these programs may block map images. Usually the purpose of these settings is to trim banner ads, which are filtered by image size and URL.

    It's possible that JavaScript is blocking image downloading.

    Solution. Our map fragments are 256x256 pixels. Make sure that they are not blocked from loading and, if they are, unblock them. Settings are applied in different ways depending on what program you're using.

    If JavaScript is blocking image downloads, then remove that block for Yandex.Maps.