Configure the map

Move the map

The service displays a map of your city or area by default.

To view a different area, click and drag the map in the appropriate direction.

Change the map scale

You can change the map scale:

  • Using the and buttons.

  • Using the mouse wheel: turn it towards you to zoom out or away from you to zoom in.

  • By clicking the mouse: a double click will zoom in on the map and a double right-click will zoom out on it.

  • Using the right mouse button:

    1. Right-click a point on the map.

    2. Without releasing the mouse button, move your mouse in the correct direction.

      You will highlight a region as you move your mouse.

    3. Release your mouse button.

      The highlighted region will shift to the center of the map and the map scale will increase.

Measure distance

You can measure the distance of straight and curved lines (for example, when tracing a given street).

  1. Click Ruler: .

  2. Click on the starting point of the segment you want to measure:

  3. Click on the next point of the segment you want to measure:

  4. Click on the subsequent points of the segment you want to measure. The length of the entire segment will display next to the last point you set:

    You can edit the line by dragging any point to a new place on the map.

  5. To delete a point, double-click on it.

    To delete an entire line, click the cross next to the endpoint.

Print a map

You can print the map that you see on the screen, along with additional elements: places you found, routes you built, panoramas (but without traffic jam data and photos).

  1. Click (Print). A preview window opens.

  2. There you can change the map scale and move it around.

  3. Select the following from the field to the left of the Print button:

    • Page format:

      • А4 (210х297 mm)

      • B5 (176x250 mm)

      • Letter (216x279 mm)

      • Legal (216x356 mm)

    • Page orientation:

      • Portrait ─ the longer side of the sheet is vertical

      • Landscape ─ the longer side is horizontal

  4. In the field found at the bottom of the page, enter any map annotation you'd like to include. This text will print below the map.

  5. Click Print.

  6. Choose your printer and printing parameters in the window that opens.

    Click Print.

    Your map will print in accordance with the parameters you set.

You can also print a custom map that contains places you've plotted on it (see the My maps (map constructor) section.

Change the map type

Click (Layers) and select one of the Yandex.Maps display modes:

  • Map (a diagram of roads, buildings, etc.):

  • Satellite (a picture of an area taken from space) and Hybrid (a picture of an area taken from space with additional information like street names, addresses, etc. added to it):

The mode doesn't affect remaining map functions like search, route planning, or map dragging.