Photos of organizations

Organizations on the map can be associated with photos.

To view a photo of an organization, open its card and click the icon with its thumbnail image that shows the number of associated photos.

This opens a window where you can view photos.

To close it, click Close.

The image view window includes:

  • A photo, the name of the person who took it, and a link to the image gallery of that person.

  • buttons:

    • Go to the next (right arrow) or previous (left arrow) photo. The buttons are available if there are multiple photos associated with a place.

    • Add a photo.

      Click this button to open a window for adding new photos to the photos associated with the organization.

      You can drag a photo to this window or select it using the standard file browse window.

      You can add up to 15 photos. The maximum file size is 10 megabytes.

      The Add photo button is also available in an organization card.
    • Complain to report a photo:.

      Click this button to open a menu and select the “Inappropriate content” or “This photo shows a different organization” item: your report will be sent to the support service. This button is available for photos that are associated with an organization.

    • Close (the view window):.