Online registration

  1. How to make an appointment
  2. How to become a partner

On Yandex Maps, you can find an organization, select a service, and book an appointment online.

Note. Online appointments are only available for the “Beauty” category.

How to make an appointment

  1. In the quick search menu, select the “Beauty” category and the organization type. For example, “Barbershop”, “Beauty salon”, or “Nail salon”.

    To find an organization, you can also enter its type in the search bar.

  2. Use filters — Click Online registration in the top-left corner.

  3. Select the relevant organization in the side menu or on the map.

  4. In the organization card, click Book online.

  5. Select the type of service and specialist.

    You can read about the specialist and check out the reviews. To do this, open the specialist card and click in the top-right corner.

    If you don't have a preferred specialist, click Skip worker selection.

  6. Select a suitable date and time.

  7. Check your appointment details: the specialist, date, service, and your contact information. Leave a comment (optional).

    To edit the information:

    • Go to the relevant field and click .

    • In the top-left corner, click and go back to the desired step.

    Check the information again and click Confirm appointment.

  8. If you're logged in, you can view your confirmed appointments:

    • In the organization card under Appointment booked.

    • In your account. To check your appointments, click the profile picture and select Appointments and bookings in the side menu.

    Manage your appointment in this section: reschedule, cancel, or make another appointment.

    You can also book an appointment without logging in to Yandex Maps: just confirm your phone number via SMS. In this case, you won't be able to see your appointment information in the profile.

How to become a partner

For more information on how to enable online appointments for your organization, see the Yandex Business Help section.