Create an object

To create an object (a placemark, line or polygon) on your map:

  1. In the Map Constructor window, click on the button under the search bar (or use keyboard shortcuts), draw the object on the map, and specify its parameter values:

    • Placemark — set the form, color and type of placemark. Your placemark can be empty, numbered (from 1 to 999), or contain a caption or one of the suggested icons:

      Click Done, and the placemark will be saved on your map.

    • Lines — set the color, transparency level and width.

      When you've finished drawing the line, left-click on the last end point and select Finish from the context menu.

      Click Done, and the line will be saved on your map.

    • Polygon — set the outline and fill colors and transparency levels, and the width of outlines.

      When you've finished drawing the line, left-click on the last end point and select Finish from the context menu.

      You can add an internal outline to a polygon (i.e. another polygon within the borders of the first one). To do this, left-click on any of the polygon points and select Add internal outline from the menu.

      Draw the outline, left-click on any point and select Finish from the context menu.

      Click Done and the polygon will be saved on your map.


    To exit object-creation mode, enter the keyboard shortcut combination again.

  2. In the Description field you can enter text that will display when you click on that object.

  3. Any saved object can be dragged to a different spot and lines and polygons can be edited using the context menu. Just left-click on any part of the object and choose Delete, Finish or Continue:

    When you've finished editing the object, click Done.

    The object can also be deleted by clicking Delete.

  4. All your map objects display in the Map editor toolbar as separate lines in the objects list. Every line includes the object's name and a preview. Line objects display their lengths (which are calculated automatically).

    Objects in the list are displayed in the order Placemarks → Lines → Polygons.

    Objects are displayed on the map in the same order: placemarks are displayed “higher” than lines and may cover them. Likewise, lines are higher than polygons.

    While it's not possible to change this order, it is possible to change the order of how objects are displayed within each category by moving the appropriate placemark (or line, polygon) to the foreground or background.

    To change the order in which objects are displayed, drag a line from the list to the appropriate position (or use keyboard shortcuts).

You can use the search bar to find the location of an object you want to put on your map (if your object is a geographic area such as a village, street, reservoir, etc.):


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