Map Constructor

With Map Constructor, you can create a customized map containing all the places you go:

For example, you can make a map of your route to your home, office or vacation destination.

You can draw on the map using the following tools:

  • placemarks — entryways, meet-up points, etc.

  • lines — streets, routes, borders, etc.

  • polygons (including those with internal outlines) — homes, suburban areas, lakes, etc.

This type of map can serve multiple purposes:

  • To share with friends or post on your website, blog, or mobile app so that users can interact with it and shift elements around (using the interactive map type)

  • To save and post to your site or blog as an image or share it with friends (using the static map type)

  • To print or save it as a picture (using the print map type)

You can also save your map places to a file, which can be used for the following:

  • To import map points to navigation programs

  • To use with the Yandex.Maps API

  • To view and save data in other programs (such as Google Earth)

To save a map —

Create a map section.

To create a place on a map —

Create an item section.

To select the right map type and get a code or link —

Select map type and get code or link section.

To export map places in a file —

Exporting map items section.

To import map items from a file —

Importing map items section.