1.3.3. Rules for blocking users Reasons for blocking users

Block users Blocking a user is an exceptional measure that is primarily taken in cases where the user purposefully introduces mistakes in the data (i.e. "vandalizes" it).

If a user is blocked, the moderator is required to write a substantive comment that provides a clear reason for blocking the user.

These comments will appear in the user's profile and be visible to all users.

Justification for blocking:

  • Systematic violation of the Mapping Rules: making errors repeatedly (whether of the same type or different types).

  • Ignoring comments left by a moderator.

    It's important to distinguish between a user who doesn't notice comments because they aren't experienced using the service yet versus a user who ignores comments (for example, if a user followed recommendations in earlier comments, but is not doing so now).

  • Vandalism: the deliberate wrecking of map items (i.e. making obviously incorrect changes to names, attributes, shapes, etc.).


    If a user draws map items in remote areas that don't actually exist because they are trying to train novices without ruining existing items, this is considered an infringement of the Mapping Rules, but not vandalism.

    Hidden vandalism: deliberately creating map items (or names, attributes, shapes), that don't exist in reality.

    Note. It's difficult to distinguish this behavior from that of users who create and edit actual map items with attributes that can be confirmed using data from open sources.
  • Use of profanity (in usernames, profile information, comments, etc.).

    This includes obscenities where some/all of the letters are replaced by stars or other symbols, yet the intended meaning is clearly understood by native speakers.

  • The use of statements (in usernames, profile information, comments, or map item descriptions/comments) that incite violence or promote hostility, or disparage a person or group based on their gender, race, nationality, language, origin, religious beliefs, or membership in a particular social group. Time periods for blocking

Attention. Users can only be blocked for the reasons listed above in Section Reasons for blocking users

Users can be blocked for different lengths of time:

  1. Forever:

    • In cases of clear vandalism: after the first infringement

    • If the user continues to infringe on the rules after they have been blocked two or more times

    • If the blocked user logs in to another account and the moderator is certain that the account belongs to the blocked user.

  2. Up to seven days: in case of repeat and serious infringement of the Mapping Rules.

  3. Up to three days: in case of repeated and serious infringement of the Mapping Rules.

The moderator will determine the actual length of time the user will be blocked based on how serious the offense was.

A blocked user can send a report, appeal the decision, request an explanation (if one wasn't given), or create a topic in the Yandex Map Editor Club to discuss a disputed map item or question.

Only the moderator who issued the ban can change its terms (extending or reducing its timeframe) or lift it completely. For another moderator to take up the task, they must first discuss the issue with the original moderator or a staff member.