2.10.2. Map item: related edits

If an item needs to be edited (to avoid an error) as a result of another item being added or edited, this is called a related edit.

These situations may occur when you draw any item, but they are most common when drawing road networks.

For example, if you draw a road network within a block, it may include a driveway that curves. According to the rule for drawing bends in roads (see Drawing turns) a turn is drawn smoothly:

As you continue drawing the road network, that bend will become part of a T-shaped intersection:

If you draw a gradual turn, it will be considered an inaccuracy. In correspondence with point T-shaped intersections should intersect at right angles (meaning the angles should not be rounded).

To correct this error, you need to make a related edit (i.e. one that extends past work on the item) to the shape of the driveway that was drawn earlier. You can make this edit by editing the driveway's shape: