Common errors

Here you'll find examples of the most common errors that users make when creating items on YME. For each case, we provide examples with correct drawings and attributes. This list will be especially useful for novice users:

Drawing errors

  • Building shape. Building polygons should correspond to foundations. You should not draw buildings based on the location of their roofs or walls. This is because satellite images are taken at an angle to the ground, so the building will not align with its actual position.

    The best way to map buildings is to trace the roof contour initially and then drag it to the foundation location.

    Incorrect Correct

    More information: 3.4.1. Rules for drawing buildings.

  • Drawing accuracy. When you draw rivers and roads, make sure that the lines do not extend beyond the item's actual borders (i.e. beyond the water line or roadway).

    When drawing curved lines (rivers, roads, borders) or polygons (outlines of forests, reservoirs, etc.):

  • Drawing accuracy. If a building polygon is not rectangular, you should select the angles and use the “Make angles equal” command in the context menu. This command will turn angles that are nearly 90° into right angles:

    Incorrect (before using the command) Correct (after using the command)

    More information: 3.4.1. Rules for drawing buildings.

  • Duplicate items.

    You can not draw new items (buildings and roads in particular) on top of existing ones. If an item was draw incorrectly or attributes were not properly assigned, then you should edit the existing item rather than creating a new one.

    Furthermore, you can edit any item yourself (other than those that users are forbidden to edit, of which there aren't many). You do not need to send requests to the moderator in order to edit or complete information about a map item.

General restrictions

The following are forbidden on Yandex Map Editor:
  • Posting ads, propaganda, or personal information (such as “My aunt lives here” or “I had dinner here last night”).
  • Drawing outlines or entering attributes for forbidden map items.