Location and organization classification

Locations and organizations on the map are divided into map item categories/subcategories as well as business categories.

A description of the items in each business category is given below.


Yandex Business sections are used when managing items.

Unlike the list below, actual Yandex Business sections are not numbered (numbers are only used here for navigation purposes).

If the organization's line of business fits into several categories, select the one that matches their main business activity. For example, if a clothing store also sells some shoes, select the “clothing store” category.

You must indicate the organization's category.

Map item categories:

Object subcategories:

1. Culture and leisure

2. Healthcare

3. Education

4. Finance

5. Shopping

6. State

7. Religion

8. Food

9. Auto

10. Sports

11. Yard and park infrastructure

12. Business and services

1. Culture and leisure


1.1. Attraction


1.1.1. Attraction

Places or map items that are particularly notable, famous, interesting, or have historical, cultural, architectural, or archeological value. This may include well-known landmarks and tourist attractions.

Examples include bell towers, arches, aqueducts, castles, geoglyphs, bunkers, mounds, gazebos, palaces, mausoleums, minarets, ruins, kremlins, art spaces, and so on.

Monuments and sculptures are not included in this category.

1.1.2. Event location, local landmark

The most important places, territories, and landscape associated with events of historical, scientific, and cultural value. Items that stopped serving their intended function, such as former movie theaters and community centers, as well as individual buildings on abandoned territories (including summer camps, health resorts, and technological disaster areas), provided those buildings don't house active organizations and the name of the inactive organization is mentioned and can be found on-site. This also includes landmark buildings with an unusual shape or size as well as organizations located in abandoned settlements.

Filming locations are not included in this category.

1.1.3. Nature

Noteworthy items (individual or grouped) related to nature and terrain: unusual or rare trees (such as a 400-year-old oak or a redwood tree), canyons, caves, cave systems, rocks, grottos, boulders, groups of waterfalls, and river sources with decorative elements. This category also includes alleys and groves that aren't officially recognized but are deemed well-known landmarks.

1.1.4. Decorative object, plaque

Various art pieces that serve as embellishments to their surroundings (murals, mosaics, graffiti) as well as other decorative and themed objects: plaques, ornate signs, flower clocks, topiary sculptures, decorative flowerbeds, art objects, and decorative engravings.

1.1.5. Street art

Graffiti created during official festivals or commissioned by the city or private business owners. Unofficial graffiti can be added to the map only if it is older than three months, has become a local landmark, and has been mentioned in the media or popular blogs.

1.2. Culture and entertainment


1.2.1. Anti cafes

Meeting places where customers rent space for a given amount of time. These places are primarily meant for having conversations (rather than eating food). Customers don't pay for any services at these establishments, but rather for the time (in minutes) that they spend there.

1.2.2. Winter recreation

Specially equipped seasonal winter recreation places not covered by the skiing topic: tubing, sledding hills.

1.2.3. Internet cafes

Establishments that provide internet access and computer gaming clubs.

1.2.4. Karaoke clubs

Karaoke clubs and karaoke bars.

1.2.5. Quests

Organizations that organize real-life quests (i.e. games where you are supposed to follow a certain plot and try to fulfill some kind of mission).

1.2.6. Animal lovers clubs

Clubs for animal enthusiasts. This includes dog training centers and services.

1.2.7. Music clubs

Places where you can relax and listen to various types of live music.

1.2.8. Erotic massage parlor

Organizations that provide erotic massage services.

1.2.9. Dating services

Wedding agencies, dating and matchmaking services.

1.2.10. Creative groups

Song and dance ensembles; folklore, choreography, music, and other creative groups.

1.2.11. Tourist clubs

Associations of tourists and sport tourism clubs.

1.2.12. Virtual reality club

Rooms with equipment for virtual reality: screens that display images from computers, special glasses, hats, and controllers in high resolution.

1.2.13. Recreational infrastructure

Composite items in health resorts, summer camps, and hotels (buildings, cottages, small houses, and public facilities), as well as the buildings making up exhibition centers and large museums.

This category also includes mother and child rooms located in separate buildings without indoor maps.

1.3. Night club, disco


1.3.1. Night clubs

Organizations that are usually open past 9:00 pm where people can spend their free time. This category includes discos and strip clubs.

1.4. Recreational center


1.4.1. Billiard clubs

Places to play games and billiards.

1.4.2. Bowling clubs

Places to play games and bowling.

1.4.3. Betting offices

Places where you can place bets on sporting events, etc.

1.4.4. Casino, gambling hall
Casinos, gambling halls, slot machine halls, and poker clubs that are legally allowed to operate in the country where they are located.
1.4.5. Laser tag

Clubs and establishments where you play laser tag or laser paintball.

1.4.6. Lotteries

Instant lotteries and locations where lottery tickets are sold.

1.4.7. Paintball

Clubs and establishments where you play paintball.

1.4.8. Recreational center

Culture-recreation, culture-leisure, and family recreation centers.

1.4.9. Airsoft

Clubs and establishments where you play Airsoft.

1.4.10. Sports and recreation centers

Covered sports and entertainment and sport-and-leisure centers that combine sports activities at the Amateur and semi-professional levels: a skate Park, a rollerdrom, and so on.

1.4.11. Trampoline centers

Recreational parks where you can jump on trampolines.

1.5. Theater


1.5.1 Theater

Various theaters.

1.6. Monument, sculpture


1.6.1. Urban sculpture

Urban sculptures in parks and streets. Items in this category don't represent any particular people or events. They lack grandeur and are created explicitly for entertainment purposes, such as a girl with an oar, a lady with a dog, a scout with a bugle, and fairy-tale characters.

1.6.2. Monument, memorial

Monuments and memorials designed to commemorate people and events. This includes monuments, monument sites, and structures dedicated to various wars and military conflicts.

This category also includes isolated mass graves.

1.6.3. Technical marvels

This section includes military and civil equipment openly showcased in museums and exhibition halls. This section may also include rare pieces of engineering that are not necessarily exhibits, but retain cultural value or make for notable landmarks provided they are stationary (for example, a retro car that's used to promote a nearby car workshop).

1.6.4. Entrance sign

This section includes all decorative steles, navigational monuments, and signs installed at the entrances to provinces, cities, municipal areas, and companies.

Attention. The “Entrance sign” attribute can't be assigned to traffic signs or other kinds of signage used for regulating traffic or featured in traffic regulations.
1.6.5. Memorial plaque, foundation stone

This section includes commemorative and memorial plaques dedicated to outstanding people as well as foundation stones and memorial signs dedicated to various people and events.

In this section, you can add informal spontaneous memorials that emerge at the site of an event. These items can't be added to Yandex Map Editor until 3 months after they were created. The following conditions must be met:

  • The memorial is widely known and has coverage in media and blogs.
  • The memorial is kept up (not abandoned).
  • There are no official monuments or plaques dedicated to the same event near the informal memorial.

Example: the Nemtsov bridge.

If the memorial is no longer kept up or disappears, the item is removed from the map.

1.6.6. Graves of famous people

Individual graves of renowned individuals in cemeteries and buried separately.

Keep in mind that mausoleums and necropolises belong to the Attraction category, while mass graves belong to the Monument, memorial category.

1.7. Zoo, dolphinarium


1.7.1. Dolphinariums, aquariums

Dolphinariums and aquariums.

1.7.2. Zoos

Zoos, zoological gardens, petting zoos, and individual aviaries.

1.7.3. The cages of animals

Enclosure for keeping and displaying animals. For example, in zoos.

1.8. Water park


1.8.1. Water park

Covered or open parks with water rides, pools, and water slides. Individual slides and rides.

1.9. Hotel, hostel


1.9.1. Hotels

Organizations that host guests, offer certain services, and have one or more rooms.

You can add functioning hotels to the map.

1.9.2. Hostel

Organizations that provide places to sleep in communal rooms with few additional services.

1.9.3. Housing for rent on a day-by-day basis
Daily and hourly rentals of various kinds of housing (provided it's registered as an individual entrepreneurship): apartments, rooms, houses, and cottages.
1.9.4. Camping

Territory equipped to accommodate campers (with places to set up tents, park cars, and outhouses).

1.9.5. Dormitories

Long-term communal housing for families working in factories, dorms for students studying at universities/colleges, temporary communal housing for shift workers, hotel-style dorms with rooms for rent.

1.10. Beach


1.10.1. Beach

Specially equipped official locations for bathing, city beaches, beaches at resorts and spas, and unofficial beaches that can be drawn based on satellite images.

1.11. Concert hall, symphony hall


1.11.1. Concert halls

Places where concerts, productions, and other spectator events take place. This category includes: organ halls, auditoriums, stages, and concert halls.

1.11.2. Symphony hall

Music organizations that put on concerts or develop and promote music.

1.12. Museum, gallery, exhibition hall


1.12.1. Exhibition centre

Exhibition complexes, galleries and halls, exhibition halls, tasting rooms.

1.12.2. Museums

Various museums, theme parks (if they offer educational events), arboretums, nature preserves, "cabinets of curiosities", folk art centers.

1.12.3. Planetariums

Various planetariums.

1.13. Spa, wellness center


1.13.1. Wellness centers

Organizations that provide food and comfortable accommodations in resort or scenic areas.

1.13.2. Health spas

Special establishments that provide services focused on improving the patron's overall health along with food and comfortable accommodations.

1.13.3. Spa

Therapeutic institutions that treat people who need to be supervised by physicians and follow a particular regime. Spas, wellness retreats.

1.13.4. Campsites

Places for tourists to rest that are located along tourist routes; they generally do not offer many services or have a developed infrastructure.

1.13.5. Clubs for hunters and fishermen

Places where people can hunt and fish (both for a fee and for free). Societies of hunters and fishermen should be categorized as “Public organizations”.

1.13.6. Rural vacations

Rustic vacation destinations at farms and in rural villages for eco-tourism enthusiasts.

1.13.7. Picnic spot

Specially equipped locations where you can go for a picnic, barbecue, or to relax in nature. This category also includes furnished rest areas that are located along highways and indicated with 7.11 Rest area road signs.

1.14. Children's camp


1.14.1. Children's recreation camps

All types of children's camps: recreation, wellness, summer, weekend, sports, family, specialized (math, foreign languages, etc.).

1.15. Observation decks


1.15.1 Observation decks

Specially equipped official platforms for tourists.

1.16. Cultural centers


1.16.1. Cultural centers

Culture/leisure clubs where concerts, lectures, and themed events take place. This category includes: houses of culture, youth organizations, military clubs, leisure centers, professional unions, 4H clubs, etc.

1.16.2. Leisure clubs

Groups of people united by similar interests that don't belong to a more specialized category: youth clubs, leisure clubs.

1.16.3. Cultural centers

Organizations, buildings, or building complexes that promote culture and art. Cultural institutions that address a particular national, religious, social or other group (sometimes affiliated with embassies or other representatives of countries, religious organizations, or public associations).

1.17. Cinemas


1.17.1. Cinemas

Places where films are played for the public. This category also includes: cinemas, 3D movie theaters, drive-in theaters, movie houses, etc.

1.17.2. Film distribution companies

Companies that distribute the rights to show films in cinemas.

1.17.3. Film studios

Companies (for example, Mosfilm) that produce films (including documentaries and cartoons), including managing the whole creation process from scripting to the manufacture of film reels.

1.18. Circuses


1.18.1. Circuses

Permanent circuses and traveling circuses.

1.19. Amusement park, rides


1.19.1. Amusement parks

Amusement parks, theme parks, ropes courses that are intended for entertainment. The parks' administrative bodies also belong to this group.

1.19.2. Park of culture and recreation

Park administration.

1.19.3. Cable car Park

A set of attractions, located at an altitude of more than two meters. Rides are connected in a single logical chain with the General conditions of passage.

1.19.4. Amusement rides

Individual rides. Individual rides can be located in amusement parks (ferris wheels, roller coasters, halls of mirrors, etc.), public parks, or be standalone items.

1.20. Slot machines


1.20.1. Slot machines

Slot machines. Only available for indoor maps.

2. Healthcare


2.1. Hospital, clinic


2.1.1. Clinics, health centers, medical centers

Rural medical centers, on-site medical facilities, and COVID-19 vaccination centers.

2.1.2. Hospitals for adults

Multi-specialty state medical institutions that provide medical care to adults. This also includes: hospital administrations, individual buildings on hospital grounds, and hospital divisions.

2.1.3. Military hospitals

Hospitals for those who serve in the military.

2.1.4. Children's hospitals

Multi-specialty state medical institutions that provide medical care to children. This also includes: hospital administrations, individual buildings on hospital grounds, and hospital divisions.

2.1.5. Children's clinics

State multi-specialty institutes offering outpatient preventative medicine for children.

2.1.6. Preventative medicine clinic

Special state institutions focused on providing preventative care and monitoring the health of certain groups of individuals. This category contains: substance-abuse treatment clinics, STI screening clinics, tuberculosis prevention clinics, etc.

2.1.7. Women's health consultations

State institutions focused on providing preventative care and monitoring the health of women who are pregnant or have recently given birth.

2.1.8. Infirmaries

Infirmaries at preventative care institution that provide services for workers at industrial plants. Infirmaries provide the main types of medical care: inpatient and outpatient treatment and first aid.

2.1.9. Morgues

Morgues in hospitals and pathology units.

2.1.10. Clinics for adults

State multi-specialty institutes offering outpatient preventative medicine for adults.

2.1.11. Maternity hospital

State institutions that provide medical care during the childbirth process. This also includes departments and buildings of maternity homes.

2.1.12. Ambulance services

State and commercial ambulance and first aid services.

2.1.13. Specialized hospitals

Specialized public hospitals. This category includes: psychiatric hospitals, tuberculosis treatment hospitals, etc.

2.1.14. Emergency medicine facilities

Divisions that treat medical emergencies, including conducting initial examinations of patients and treating those with injuries.

2.1.15. Blood donation centers

Medical institutions where blood is collected from donors.

2.1.16. Hospices

Free state medical institutions that provide care for terminally ill people.

2.1.23. Perinatal center

A medical organization that is responsible for the management of pregnancies and deliveries. Various types of services are provided, from initial consultation to post-delivery recovery.

2.2. Pharmacy


2.2.1. Pharmacy

Organizations that manufacture, package, analyze and sell medicinal substances to people. This category contains: pharmacies, pharmacy kiosks, pharmacy sections in larger stores, homeopathic pharmacies, etc.

2.2.2. Orthopedic supply stores

Organizations that sell orthopedic supplies: orthopedic shoes, bandages, corsets, pillows, canes, crutches, etc.

2.2.3. Medicinal herbs, supplements

Organizations selling medicinal herbs, herbal remedies, and biologically active food additives that are not medications.

2.2.4. Medical supply stores

Stores or organizations that sell medical equipment (massagers, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, professional equipment), medical goods (other than orthopedic supplies), and health products (herbs, medicinal tinctures, etc.).

2.3. Medical facility


2.3.1. Diagnostic centers

Diagnosis and consultation centers that use equipment to diagnose illnesses; their main work involves examining patients.

2.3.1. Vision correction

Opthalmology clinics

2.3.3. Speech pathologists

Speech pathology services and institutions that deal with speech correction and development.

2.3.4. Disability assessment centers

Specialized state institutions that determine individuals' legal disability status. Individuals contact disability assessment centers to establish that they were physically harmed. This applies to occupational injuries, accidents, and situations where harm was inflicted by another individual.

2.3.5. Medical laboratories

Institutions that do various types of medical analysis.

2.3.6. In-home medical care

Organizations that offer home-based health care.

2.3.7. Medical centers, clinics

Multidisciplinary or specialized commercial or state medical centers and clinics. There are separate categories for gynecological, urological and substance-abuse treatment clinics.

2.3.8. Infant food dispensaries

Institutions where formula and other foods intended for infants up to two years of age are prepared.

2.3.9. Substance-abuse treatment clinics

Specialized commercial clinics for the treatment of substance abuse.

2.3.10. Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine clinics that use treatment methods that have not passed traditional medical trials: traditional medicine, eastern medicine, and homeopathic centers.

2.3.11. Patient transportation services

Organizations that transport critically ill and disabled individuals in vehicles containing medical personnel.

2.3.12. Plastic surgery

Medical institutions that specialize in clinical cosmetology and plastic surgery.

2.3.13. Psychotherapy services

Psychotherapy is an activity aimed at freeing a person from various problems: emotional, personal, social, and so on.it Is performed by a specialist in psychotherapy by establishing a deep personal contact with the patient (often through conversations and discussions).

2.3.14. Medical rehabilitation

Organizations offering rehabilitative medicine and psychological/socio-psychological help to those who have suffered from severe illnesses or disorders. This category includes: cardio-rehabilitation centers, neuro-rehabilitation centers, drug rehabilitation centers,military medical-rehabilitation centers, and orthopedic rehabilitation centers.

2.3.15. Forensic medical analysis

State and private institutions that conduct medical analyses as part of a legal order issued by a judge, investigator, prosecutor, etc.

2.3.16. Urological centers

Specialized commercial clinics that treat urological diseases.

2.3.17. AIDS prevention centers

Centers that work to prevent and fight the spread of AIDS.

2.3.18. Private practitioners

Doctors who have the necessary medical qualifications and provide paid medical services through their own private practices.

2.3.19. Medical commission

All types of medical commissions. This category also includes institutions that issue medical records and issue documents stating that someone is fit to use pools, weapons, attend school, etc.

2.3.20. Disease control and prevention services

State health surveillance institutions. This category includes disease control and prevention centers, epidemiology centers, consumer rights services, etc.

2.3.21. Family planning center

Medical facilities specializing in pregnancy planning.

2.3.22. Salt cave

A medical room in which the wall, ceiling, and floor are covered with salt.

2.3.23. Pre-trip inspection point

Official points and places with kiosks where drivers can get a certificate of health before and after the trip (post-trip inspection). The inspection includes measurements of blood pressure and pulse as well as an alcohol breath test. This is not to be confused with the Medical commission category.

2.4. Dentist office


2.4.1. Dental laboratories

Dental prosthetics manufacturing centers

2.4.2. Dental practices

Commercial dental clinics and offices.

2.4.3. State dental clinics

State dental institutions.

2.5. Veterinary clinics


2.5.1. Veterinary pharmacies

Specialized pharmacies that sell veterinary products, pet supplies, medicinal foods for cats, dogs, livestock, and other animals.

2.5.2. Veterinary clinics

Private veterinary clinics and state institutions that fight the spread of animal diseases.

2.5.3. Veterinary laboratory

State or private organizations that provide laboratory diagnoses of illnesses affecting domestic and farm animals.

2.5.4. Veterinary medications and equipment

Equipment for veterinary clinics and laboratories.

2.5.5. Laboratories performing veterinary health analyses

Laboratories that test animal- and plant-based food sold on the market to ensure that it meets quality standards.

2.6. Optometry clinics


2.6.1. Contact lenses

Specialty stores that sell contact lenses, vending machines that sell contact lenses.

2.6.1. Optical stores

Organizations that sell glasses and related accessories and repair/manufacture glasses.

3. Education


3.1. College, technical school


3.1.1. ДRelgious educational institutions

Educational institutions that prepare people for religious professions of various faiths: Christian seminaries, Muslim madrasahs, etc.

3.1.2. Community colleges

Post-secondary specialized educational institutions that focus on professional training.

3.1.3. Theatrical and circus schools

Post-secondary theater and circus schools.

3.1.4. Technical school

Post-secondary specialized educational institutions that focus on basic professional skills.

3.1.5. Career development centers

Organizations that provide high school students with initial professional training.

3.1.6. Pre-college programs (uchilishche)

Combined high school/college programs where students get a professional-technical education.

3.1.7. Choreography schools

Educational institutions that prepare professional dancers and ballerinas for professional careers.

3.2. Continuing professional education


3.2.1. Business schools

Education in business management: business administration, management, marketing, etc.

3.2.2. Accounting courses

Professional accounting courses for both beginners and experienced professionals who want to improve their qualifications, fulfill continuing education requirements, etc.

3.2.3. Sunday schools

Institutions of various faiths where children go to be indoctrinated.

3.2.4. Extracurricular education

Extracurricular programs that supplement main educational courses. This category contains all additional education programs for which there is not a more precise category.

3.2.5. Clubs for children and youth.

Public organizations for children and youth and clubs based on interests. This category contains young mechanics clubs, various "scouting" organizations, and extracurricular program centers.

3.2.6. Computer courses

Basic and advanced computer courses.

3.2.7. Courses and masterclasses

Organizations that allow people to improve their practical life skills. Various types of professional courses and workshops for which there is not a more precise category: knitting, drawing, design, sewing, culinary skills, sommelier training, etc.

3.2.8. Foreign language courses

All types of language courses.

3.2.9. Musical education

Music schools for children and adults, choral schools, lessons on various musical instruments such as guitar.

3.2.10. Sport schools

Sport schools for children and youth, olympic reserve schools. This category also includes specialized sport schools such as those that teach figure skating, chess, go-cart racing, etc.

3.2.11. Trainings

Organizations that conduct various types of trainings: business trainings, personal growth coaching, psychological training, etc.

3.2.12. Learning center

Educational institutions that teach people various activities.

3.2.13. Photography school

Schools or learning centers that specialize in photography and photo art.

3.2.14. Choir, choral studios

Chamber choirs, academic choirs, veteran choirs, choral singing centers, etc.

3.2.15. Professional qualification centers

Organizations that help people raise their qualifications and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to keep up with new professional developments or work in a higher role.

3.2.16. Child development centers

Centers offering hourly lessons that focus on the development and education of children in various areas.

3.2.17. Schools for expectant mothers

Courses for pregnant women.

3.2.18. Art schools

Multidisciplinary schools that teach various types of art classes (for example: vocal, dance, decorative and applied arts, etc).

3.2.19. Security guard schools

Training and additional qualifications for security guards and body guards.

3.2.20. Dancing school

Training in various styles of dance for amateurs.

3.3. Research institution


3.3.1. Geology, geophysics

Scientific institutions that primarily study ground composition and the structure of the Earth's crust.

3.3.2. Hydrometeorology

Centers for hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring.

3.3.3. Map production

Production and publishing of paper and digital map, atlases, city plans, etc.

3.3.4. Design bureaus

Various bureaus that plan and design new equipment and modernize old structures and products.

3.3.5. Scientific research organizations

Organizations that undertake scientific research and development and produce and release products.


Research institutes and academies of sciences

3.4. Higher education



State and private institutions of higher education, institutes, academies, universities (including military schools), as well as individual academic buildings and departments.

3.4.2. Conservatory

Higher education institutes of music.

3.5. Grade school


3.5.1. Military or cadet schools

Military schools/colleges, cadet schools and their individual buildings.

3.5.2. Gymnasium

Secondary schools offering intensive study of key subjects where students prepare for higher education institutions.

3.5.3. Math and science high schools

Secondary schools offering mainly math and science subjects.

3.5.4. Elementary schools

Schools that only teach elementary grades.

3.5.6. Grade schools

Educational institutions that offer secondary education through 12th grade, as well as individual buildings and departments on their campuses.

3.5.7. Private schools

Secondary schools that charge tuition.

3.5.8. Schools for ill children

Grade schools in resort settings for children that need long-term medical treatment. Children live, study, and receive medical treatment at these types of schools.

3.5.9. Boarding schools

Grade schools where students live and study.

3.6. Kindergarten, day care


3.6.1. Day care facilities

Private and state day cares and nursery schools where children spend the whole day.

3.7. Libraries


3.7.1. Libraries

Various types of institutions where literature and printed works are stored for public use and reference/background research is conducted.

4. Finance


4.1. Bank


4.1.1. Bank

Various banks and their branches and divisions.

4.1.2. Money transfer offices

Specialized systems that operate money transfers.

4.2. Pawn shops


4.2.1. Pawn shops

Specialized commercial organizations that lend money against property that they hold.

4.2.2. Auto pawn shops

Specialized pawn shops that give credit against a vehicle of any type.

4.3. ATMs


4.3.1. ATMs

ATMs of various banks where you can deposit or withdraw money and complete other banking operations.

4.4. Currency exchange


4.4.1. Currency exchange

Currency exchange points.

4.5. Payment kiosk


4.5.1. Payment terminals

Payment terminals offering various self-service options.

4.6. Insurance


4.6.1. Car insurance

Companies that specialize in car insurance exclusively.

4.6.2. Various types of insurance

Companies that offer all types of insurance.

4.7. Audits, finance


4.7.1. Microfinance

Organizations that issue short-term credit in small sums with no collateral or guarantees.

4.7.2. Brokerage companies

Intermediary companies that provide services such as helping obtain credit, insurance, or a lease. Additionally, companies that help individuals invest as a means of generating income or resell items on their behalf.

4.7.3. Investment companies

All types of investment organizations, including mutual funds.

4.7.4. Collection agencies

Agencies that recover debts, alimony, loans, losses, recoveries based on enforcement orders.

4.7.5. Leasing companies

Companies that provide leases and intermediaries that help process leases.

4.7.6. Tax consultants

Professional consultants (lawyers or accountants) that advise on tax and taxation issues.

4.7.7. Factoring companies

Factoring services buy accounts receivable (invoices) from businesses that need to meet immediate cash needs.

4.7.8. Financial consulting

Organizations that offer financial consulting on various issues.

4.7.9. E-commerce

Exchanges of e-currencies, online payment services.

4.7.10. Audit companies

Companies that provide independent audits of company financial records.

4.7.11. Accounting services

Companies that offer services such as accounting, tax reporting, managing personnel records, business registrations and reorganizations, etc.

4.8. Tax Free


4.8.1. Tax Free

Tax Free. Only available for indoor maps.

5. Shopping


5.1. Store


5.1.1. Vape shops

E-cigarette, steam generator, and smoking accessory stores.

5.1.2. Consignment stores

Specialty stores that buy and sell used items.

5.1.3. Liquor stores

Specialty stores that sell alcoholic beverages, wine, and related accessories.

5.1.4. Mineral water stores

Specialty stores that sell drinking and mineral water and vending machines that sell water.

5.1.5. Beer shop

Specialty stores that sell beer and beer snacks, beer stands, places to get beer on tap to go, etc.

5.1.6. Radio and electronics stores

Specialty stores that sell supplies for radio/electronics enthusiasts.

5.1.7. Tobacco and smoking accessories stores

Specialty stores that sell cigarettes, other tobacco products, and related accessories.

5.1.8. Weapons and self defense-related items

Stores that sell weapons and self-defense items of all types: firearms, cold guns, stun guns, gas pistols, etc.

5.1.9. Sex shops

Stores that sell intimate items for adults.

5.1.10. Assorted goods store

Small stores that sell a range of products. Sell consumer goods (from food to industrial products). Don't have divisions or sections. Usually found in smaller localities (such as villages) or at gas stations.

5.1.11. Fixed price stores

Stores where everything costs a given price.

5.1.12. Moonshine stills

Stores selling moonshine stills and related goods.

5.2. Grocery stores


5.2.1. Bakeries, bread stores

Speciality stores that sell bread and baked goods.

5.2.2. Products for diabetics and those on special diets

Stores that sell health foods and products for diabetics.

5.2.3. Bakeries

Specialty stores that sell cakes and other sweet baked goods.

5.2.4. Meat and sausage stores

Stores that sell fresh and frozen meat, products made from meat, sausage, and meat delicacies.

5.2.5. Delis and markets

Specialty stores that sell various pre-made foods: meat, fish, and other products that can be consumed immediately.

5.2.6. Grocery stores

Various grocery stores that do not specialize in any given product.

5.2.7. Sushi and Asian food stores

Stores that sell ingredients and prepared foods that are part of various Japanese and other Asian cuisines.

5.2.8. Coffee and tea store

Specialty stores that sell tea, coffee, and related accessories.

5.2.9. Honey and bee products

Specialty stores that sell honey, beeswax, goods made from bee products, and related accessories.

5.2.10. Dairy products stores

Specialty stores that sell milk and dairy products.

5.2.11. Ice cream stores

Places that sell ice cream.

5.2.1. Produce stores

Specialty stores that sell vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms.

5.2.13. Fish stores

Speciality stores that sell fish, caviar, and seafood.

5.2.13. Supermarkets

Self-service supermarkets that sell a full range of food and beverages, as well as non-food items.

5.2.15. Eggs and poultry

Poultry cultivation and frozen food production from poultry.

5.2.16. Grocery supercenters

Supercenters that sell groceries.

5.3. Shopping centers, flea market


5.3.1. Shopping centers

Large shopping centers and complexes, shopping and recreation centers, malls and corresponding infrastructure.

5.3.2. Department stores

Major stores that sell a wide assortment of non-food items.

5.3.3. Shopping centers, flea market

Flea markets.

5.4. Gifts and souvenirs


5.4.1. Gift and souvenir stores

Specialty stores that sell gifts and souvenirs.

5.4.2. Party supply stores

Various accessories and items for parties: balloons, paper lanterns, cake candles, confetti, etc.

5.4.3. Fire stations and pyrotechnics

Firework and pyrotechnic sales and productions.

5.5. Furniture, interior


5.5.1. High-end furniture

Specialty stores that sell luxury designer furniture.

5.5.2. Tapestries

Manufacturing and sales of tapestries and items made from them (pillow covers, blankets, pictures, etc.)

5.5.3. Children's furniture

Children's furniture stores.

5.5.4. Shutters and blinds

Manufacturing and installation of shutters and blinds all types.

5.5.5. Fireplaces, stoves

Sales and installations of fireplaces and stoves all types.

5.5.6. Cabinet furniture

Manufacturing, sales and installation of cabinet furniture.

5.5.7. Carpet stores

Specialty stores that sell carpeting.

5.5.8. Furniture stores

Stores and furniture shopping centers.

5.5.9. Furniture for bathrooms

Bathroom furniture stores

5.5.10. Furniture for kitchens

Kitchen furniture stores.

5.5.11. Office furniture

Office furniture stores.

5.5.12. Furniture fittings and accessories

Companies that supply components for furniture (facades, shelves, mechanisms, accessories) and furniture accessories (handles, locks, hinges, clips).

5.5.13. Medical furniture

Furniture for medicinal institutions (beds, examination tables, stretchers, etc.) and pharmacies.

5.5.14. Metal furniture

Various types of metal furniture: cabinets, racks, hand tables, work benches, chairs, etc.

5.5.15. Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture stores.

5.5.16. Garden furniture

Garden furniture stores.

5.5.17. Lamps

Speciality stores that sell lamps: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, etc.

5.5.18. Home accessories

Accessories and knick-knacks for homes: paintings, candlesticks, flowers, figurines and statuettes, photo frames, clocks, jewelry boxes, decorative furniture, pillows, blankets.

5.5.19. School furniture

Furniture and other equipment for educational institutions.

5.5.20. Wardrobes

Manufacturing and installation of wardrobes.

5.5.21. Curtains, curtain rods

Specialty stores that produce and sell curtains and related products: rods, curtain accessories, etc.

5.5.22. Hypermarket
Furniture hypermarkets, large furniture stores.
5.5.23. Furniture for bedrooms

Specialty stores that sell bedroom furniture.

5.5.24. Mattresses

Specialty stores that sell mattresses, including orthopedic mattresses.

5.5.25. Commercial equipment

Equipment intended for commerce. Commercial equipment is used for the display, storage and sale of products. For example, counters, display cases, racks, mirrors, mannequins, refrigerated display cases, and so on.

5.6. Appliances, electronics


5.6.1. Parts and accessories for household appliances

Specialty stores that sell parts and accessories for household appliances.

5.6.2. Computer accessories

Computer accessory sales: mouses, mouse pads, thumb drives, etc.

5.6.3. Computer stores

Specialty stores that sell computers, computer components, and software.

5.6.4. Coffee and espresso machines

Sales of coffee and espresso machines and beans.

5.6.5. Household appliance stores

Stores that sell large and small household appliances.

5.6.6. Blueray, CD, and DVD stores

Specialty stores that sell CD, DVD, and Blueray Discs containing music, videos, and/or computer games.

5.6.7. Technology stores

Specialty stores that sell appliances and electronics: computers, photo and video technology, auto equipment, games and consoles, programs, etc.

5.6.8. Electronics stores

Specialty stores that sell electric-power accessories: outlets, light switches, power cables, etc.

5.6.9. Office equipment

Stores that specialize in office equipment: printers, plotters, copiers, paper shredders, etc.

5.6.10. Projectors and multimedia equipment

Sales of various types of projectors (multimedia, video, slides, etc.) and the accessories that accompany them (screen projectors, lamps, stands, lenses, etc.).

5.6.11. Remote-controlled devices and models

Models that are controlled using a remote: remote-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, tanks, etc.

5.6.12. Gardening tools and equipment

Gardening tools and equipment: lawn mowers, cultivators, trimmers, tillers, pumping stations, sprinklers, irrigation systems, watering cans, shovels, pitchforks, rakes, etc.

5.6.13. Photography stores

Photography and camera stores.

5.6.14. Sewing and knitting stores

Speciality stores that sell household sewing and knitting machines.

5.6.15. Yandex smart devices

Locations that sell products with the Yandex branding: smart stations, media players, modules, and smart home devices.

5.0. Antique shop, art objects


5.7.1. Antique shop

Stores that sell antiques: vintage furniture, books, paintings, household items.

5.7.2. Music store

Musical instrument stores.

5.7.3. Religious goods

Religious symbols and devotional items of various faiths, religious clothing.

5.7.4. Art salon

Stores that sell paintings, art supplies, and crafts.

5.7.5. Numismatics store

Stores for coin collectors.

5.7.6. Philately

Stores and clubs for stamp collectors. Organizations that collect and study postage stamps.

Fabrics, craft supplies


5.8.1. Drapery

Specialty stores that sell fabric.

5.8.2. Threads, yarns

Specialty stores that sell thread and yarn.

5.8.3. The goods for creativity and needlework

Stores that sell craft supplies. For example: for embroidery, knitting, beadwork, soap and candle making, etc.

5.8.4. Clothing accessories

Sewing accessories: needles, zippers, buttons, etc.

5.8.5. Bed accessories store

Stores that sell bed linens, blankets, pillows, etc.

5.9. Home and building store


5.9.1. Wallpaper store

Specialty stores that sell wallpaper.

5.9.2. Cookware shop

Specialty stores that sell table settings.

5.9.3. Home appliance store

Stores that sell fixtures and/or various items for bathrooms such as replaceable parts.

5.9.4. Home goods and household chemical store

Household goods, cleaning supplies, detergents.

5.9.5. Building tool

Tools used for construction, installation and repair projects.

5.9.6. Hardware store

Stores that sell building and finishing materials, tools.

5.9.7. Power and petrol tools

Handheld electric and gas-powered tools: drills, screwdrivers, chainsaws, etc.

5.9.8. Hardware hypermarkets
Hardware hypermarkets and large hardware retailers.
5.9.9. Products for bath and sauna

Specialty stores that sell spa and sauna accessories.

5.9.10. Locks and locking devices
Sales of all types of locks and bolts for doors, gates, containers, etc.

5.10. Flowers, gardening


5.10.1. Seeds store

Retail stores that sell seeds.

5.10.2. Flower shop

Stores that sell flowers, florist shops

5.10.3. Garden centers

Garden centers that sell seeds, flowers, ornamental saplings, berry bushes, and trees.

5.10.4. Flower markets

Flower markets where you can purchase seeds, flowers, seedlings, ornamental bushes, berry bushes, and trees.

5.10.5. Shop for growers

Retail stores that sell products for gardeners.

Online store, delivery point


5.11.1. Online store

Items sold on the internet.

5.11.2. Pickup point

Points where items bought on the internet are delivered.

5.11.3. Showroom

Showrooms in online stores. These differ from delivery points because you not only pickup orders there, but also select/try on items.

5.11.4. Post terminals

Postal vending machines (automated terminals that deliver packages and items ordered from online stores and catalogs). Equipped with compartments for storing orders and consoles to manage the process of receiving orders.

5.12. Cosmetics, perfumes


5.12.1. Perfume and cosmetics store

Specialty stores that sell perfumes and cosmetics including professional-grade items and handmade cosmetics.

5.12.2. Hygiene products

Personal hygiene products

5.13. Sport, outdoors


5.13.1. All-terrain vehicles, jet skis, snowmobiles

All-terrain vehicles, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles, ATVs, swamp buggies, etc.

5.13.1. Bike shop

Stores that sell bicycles, scooters, accessories and spare parts.

5.13.3. Boat, boat, boat

Sales of all types of boats, kayaks, yachts, and equipment and parts for them.

5.13.4. Horse ammunition

Sales of equipment for equestrian sports: bridles, reins, saddles, girths, harnesses, etc.

5.13.5. Billiards store

Sales of billiard tables and accessories for playing billiards.

5.13.6. Electric transport shop

Sales of Segways, electric bikes, electric scooters, monowheels, electric cars and other types of personal electric vehicles.

5.13.7. Athletic wear and shoes

Specialty stores that sell athletic clothing and footwear.

5.13.8. Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition stores: protein powders, gainers, amino acids, fat burners, etc.

5.13.9. Sports equipment and equipment

Specialty stores that sell sporting goods.

5.13.10. Sports shop

Department stores that sell athletic clothing, shoes, and sporting goods.

5.13.11. Goods for leisure and tourism

Stores that sell recreation and tourism-related items, professional equipment, various hiking accessories, etc.

5.13.12. Products for hunting

Stores that sell hunting supplies

5.13.13. Products for fishing

Stores that sell fishing supplies

5.14. Food market


5.14.1. Food market

Areas with stands where farmers sell produce

5.15. Book shop, office supplies


5.15.1. Used bookstore

Specialty stores that sell old books and antique printed literature.

5.15.2. Bookstore

Book stores and shops.

5.15.3. Office supplies store

Specialty stores that sell stationary.

5.15.4. Consumables for office equipment

Supplies for office equipment: ink cartridges, toners, paper and film for printing, hard drives, etc.

5.15.5. Educational literature

Textbooks for schools and higher educational institutions.

5.15.6. Point of sale press

Places where newspapers and magazines are sold, newspaper kiosks.

5.16. Wholesale


5.16.1. Clothing wholesale

Wholesale clothing of all types for adults.

5.16.2. Appliances wholesale

Wholesale appliances.

5.16.3. Milk products wholesale

Wholesale dairy products.

5.16.4. Vegetables and fruits wholesale

Wholesale vegetable and fruit.

5.16.5. Fish and sea products wholesale

Wholesale fish and seafood.

5.16.6. Household products wholesale

Wholesale cleaning supplies

5.16.7. Plumber wholesale

Wholesale bathroom fixtures.

5.16.8. Building materials wholesale

Wholesale building materials.

5.16.9. Haberdashery products wholesale

Wholesale textiles.

5.16.10. Products for animals wholesale

Wholesale pet supplies.

5.16.11. Children's goods wholesale

Wholesale children's goods: clothing, shoes, toys.

5.16.12. Baby food wholesale

Wholesale baby food.

5.16.13. Office supplies wholesale

Wholesale school supplies.

5.16.14. Computers and accessories wholesale

Wholesale computers and accessories.

5.16.15. Jewelry wholesale

Wholesale jewelry.

5.16.16. Wholesale company

Wholesale goods for companies.

5.17. Self-service terminal, information center


5.17.1. Info-kiosk

A place with kiosks that provide information.

5.17.2. Tourist information center

A place that provides information for tourists

5.17.3. Information service

Directories, telephone and address-information services, concierge services.

5.18. Construction market, building materials


5.18.1. Construction market

Construction markets, pavilions with various building materials.

5.18.2. Automatic door and gate

Sales and installations of all types of automatic doors and gates, including barrier (lifting) gates.

5.18.3. Aluminium, aluminum construction

Sales of aluminum and aluminum products: aluminum sheets, sidings, window frames, doors, balconies, showcases, etc.

5.18.4. Concrete, concrete products

Sales of concrete (mortar, sand concrete, expanded-clay concrete, etc.) and products made from it, including decorative items (decorative blocks, concrete balusters, pedestals, etc.).

5.18.5. Road material

Sales of road construction materials such as gravel and asphalt.

5.18.6. Products from a rock

Sales of all types of natural and artificial stones from slabs to countertops and souvenirs.

5.18.7. Insulation material

Sales of acoustic insulation materials, vapor barriers, waterproofing, and electrical insulation.

5.18.8. Ceramic tiles

Sales of ceramic tiles.

5.18.9. Cast products

Sales of plaster (gypsum) products: stucco, drywall, gypsum concrete, loose gypsum.

5.18.10. Gluing agents and materials

Sales of adhesives, mastics, and all types of resins for domestic, industrial, building, office, etc. use.

5.18.11. Forged products

Artistic cast iron works such as fences, railings, window grates, canopies, and household items.

5.18.12. Roof and roof materials

Sales of roofs and roofing materials.

5.18.13. Paintwork material

Sales of paint materials.

5.18.14. Stairs and stair railings

Sales and installations of stairs and stair railings of all types of materials.

5.18.15. Metal fence and railings

Sales and installations of metal gates and fencing.

5.18.16. Hardwares

Sales of various hardware: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, rivets, metal wire, mesh, etc.

5.18.17. Floor covering

Sales and installations of all types of flooring (both for residential and industrial use), self-leveling floors, parquet, laminate, linoleum.

5.18.18. Suspended and suspended ceiling

Sales and installations of ceiling coverings.

5.18.19. Facing material

Sales of materials for the exterior and interior finishings of buildings: finishing solutions, natural and artificial rocks, sidings, bricks, veneers, tiles, etc.

5.18.20. Roller shutter

Sales and installations of roller shutters and blinds.

5.18.21. Transparent structures

Constructions made out of aluminum framing and glass. Used to encase buildings in glass (glass facades, roofs) for constructing winter gardens, etc.

5.18.22. Fibreglass

Sales of fiberglass items

5.18.23. Dry building mix

Sales of building mixes like cement, gypsum, lime, sand, crushed limestone sand, marble, etc.

5.18.24. Paving slab

Sales of paving slabs

5.18.25. Facades and front systems

Goods and services related to constructing building facades.

5.18.26. Heating equipment

Sales and installations of heating equipment. For example: boilers, thermal curtains, heat pumps, underfloor heating.

5.18.27. Windows

Sales, installations, and repairs of all types of windows.

5.18.28. Doors

Sales, installations, and repairs of all types of doors.

5.18.29. Hydro and pneumatic equipment

Sales of pumps, hydraulic hoses, jackhammers, jacks, and similar equipment.

5.18.30. Carving wood

Sales of various items made from wood: beams, planks, clapboard, etc.

5.18.31. Construction rebar

Building accessories.

5.18.32. Plastic and plastic products

Retail sale of plastic goods.

5.19. Clothing, shoes, accessories


5.19.1. Military uniform, camo

Sales of a military uniforms, camouflage clothing, and accessories like gloves, belts, pouches, cases, etc.

5.19.2. Costume, theater and dance

Sales of stage and carnival costumes, clothes and shoes for dancing.

5.19301. Shop of underwear and swimwear

Specialty stores that sell underwear and swimwear.

5.19.4. Jewelry store

Specialty stores that sell costume jewelry.

5.19.5. Shop for accessories and accessories

Specialty stores that sell clothing accessories and personal effects: ties, gloves, scarves, handbags, purses, wallets, etc.

5.19.6. Hats shop

Specialty stores that sell various types of hats and head coverings.

5.19.7. Jeans clothing store

Specialty stores that sell jeans.

5.19.9. Store for expectant mothers

Specialty stores for expectant mothers.

5.19.10. Skin and fur shop

Specialty stores that sell leather, fur, and sheepskin.

5.19.11. Shoe store

Stores that sell men's and women's shoes.

5.19.12. Clothing store

Stores that sell clothing for men and women.

5.19.13. Bag and Luggage store

Specialty stores that sell bags and suitcases.

5.19.14. Watch store

Specialty stores that sell various types of watches.

5.19.15. Shop stockings and pantyhose

Specialty stores that sell tights, stockings, and socks.

5.19.16. Clothes of the big sizes

Specialty stores that sell plus size clothing.

5.19.17. Evening wear salon

Stores that sell or rent evening dresses and formal wear for men (coats, tuxedos).

5.19.18. Wedding salon

Wedding boutiques that sell dresses and accessories for brides and suits for grooms.

5.19.19. Second hand

Stores that sell second-hand clothing and shoes for adults and children.

5.19.20. Coveralls

Specialty stores that sell work clothes for various professionals such as manual laborers, medical personnel, chefs, etc.

5.19.21. Knitwear, knitwear

Specialty stores that sell knitwear and related items such as fabrics, clothings, etc.

Products and services for pets


5.20.1. Pet shop

Stores that sell household pets and pet supplies.

5.20.2. Pet grooming, pooparikka

Beauty salons for pets.

5.20.3. Aquarium shop

Specialty stores that sell aquariums and related items.

5.20.4. Hotel for animals

Places that provide short-term housing, food, and care for pets.

If the "pet hotel" is part of a veterinary clinic, then you should enter a second category as well. Animal shelters are a separate category.

5.20.5. Animal shelter

Shelters for homeless animals.

5.20.6. Animal breeder

Breeding and training various types of animals.

5.21. Products for children


5.21.1. Children's toys and games

Specialty stores that sell toys and games for children.

5.21.2. Children's shop

Department stores that sell children's items.

5.21.3. Game console

Sales of video game consoles and games and accessories for them.

5.21.4. Baby food store

Specialty stores that sell baby food.

5.21.5. Children's footwear store

Specialty stores that sell children's shoes.

5.21.6. Children's clothing store

Specialty stores that sell children's clothing and school uniforms.

5.21.7. Board and mind games

Specialty stores that sell board games and games that mentally-engage children.

5.21.8. Christmas trees and Christmas toys

Sales of real and artificial Christmas trees and ornaments

5.21.9. Christmas market

Seasonal stands where Christmas trees are sold

5.23. Jewelry


5.22.1. Jewelry store

Stores that sell items made from precious metals.

6. State


6.1. Government authority and administration


6.1.1. Administration

Government authorities, administrative bodies from the regional to the local level, including those for cities (and surrounding areas), city districts, villages, etc.

6.1.2. Departments, departments, and government services

Governments, state parliaments, state agencies, service organizations, ministries and their departments.

This category also includes official residences owned by the state. Private residences and households are not marked on the map.

6.1.3. Council of deputies

Councils of deputies and public deputies, legislative assemblies.

6.1.4. Education management

Departments that manage education, divisions of education within administrations.

6.1.5. Muhtarlik

Regional administration in Turkey. This category is only used in Turkey.

6.1. Services and utilities


6.2.1. Emergency service

State and commercial agencies that respond to emergencies in residential buildings involving the electrical grid, water supply, gas pipes, the sewer system, etc.

6.2.1. Water canal, water management

Communal services including water delivery to consumers.

6.2.3. Housing department

State housing and urban development organizations, housing policy departments. Not to be confused with housing inspection organizations (which monitor rules regarding maintenance of residential housing).

6.2.4. Communal service

Residential public utilities.

In Russia - Disinformation ─ Directorate single customer (formerly the housing office, ZHEU, REU, RAP).

6.2.5. Gas management service

Gas supply services: gas supply, maintenance, and network repairs.

6.2.6. Building society

Private organizations that build residential developments for specific shareholders and then manage the building co-op.

6.2.7. Heat supply

Public utilities that provide heat to residential, public, and industrial buildings.


Associations that serve groups of homeowners. You must indicate the management company for this category.

6.2.9. Energy supply

Organizations that supply electricity, process electricity payments, transmit and distribute electrical power, connect locations to the electrical grid, or repair grid equipment.

This category can include companies that design, develop, or operate the heat or electricity system or work to modernize existing energy systems.

6.2.10. Engineering infrastructure
All infrastructure related to utility facilities. In particular:
  • Electrical substations, traction substations, main step-down substations, switching substations, distribution points, transformer substations.
  • Boiler houses, heat supply units, heat pumping stations, booster pump stations, heat chambers, gate valve utility structures, storage tanks.
  • Water intake facilities, water intake sites, water supply wells, water supply stations.
  • Water stations, water treatment stations, water pumping stations, bypass regulators, clean water reservoirs, water towers (if operational and is not considered an attraction).
  • Sewerage pumping stations, stormwater pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, aeration plants, biological waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, spillways, floodgates, engineering blocks, engineering facility blocks, snowmelters.
  • Gas distribution stations, gas control stations, gas filling stations.
  • Hydraulic installations (dams, floodbanks, floodgates, and others).;
  • TV and radio towers (when not considered a tourist attraction, such as Ostankino Tower), cellular communications towers, antenna masts, ATX, reference amplifying stations, satellite communication stations (and other communication-related items where no customer service is offered), and towers higher than 10 meters located on the roof of a building.
6.2.11. Urban landscaping
Municipal services that deal with urban landscaping beautification. Landscaping items include streets, sidewalks, parks, squares, courtyards, and others.

6.3. Pension and social security


6.3.1. Orphanage

Homes where children between 3 and 18 years of age are raised. Children's homes are also in this category.

6.3.2. Children's shelter

Places where children live temporarily away from their parents (for various reasons). Usually children are temporarily removed from their families and placed in shelters while social workers determine how best to handle the situation.

6.3.4. Nursing home

State and commercial institutions that provide permanent housing for the elderly or disabled people who require constant care.

6.3.4. Child care center

Social organizations that take care of children from birth through 3-4 years of age who do not have parents. Older children are transferred to orphanages.

6.3.5. Private pension fund

Non-governmental social welfare for citizens.

6.3.6. Night shelter

Establishments that offer places for the homeless to sleep and sometimes also provide food, clothing or money.

6.3.7. Patronage service

Home or hospital-based care for the ill, disabled, or elderly; home health aide services, etc.

6.3.8. Pension fund

State social security institutions.

6.3.12. Mental health care home

State inpatient institutions for individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders who need constant care and monitoring.

6.3.10. Aid collection point

Donation drop-off points for people in difficult situations.

6.3.13. Social rehabilitation

State, community, or private social adaptation and rehabilitation centers that help to restore a person's rights, legal capacity, or social status.

Medical centers are placed in a separate category.

6.3.9. Social service

State and public organizations that provide social services to citizens. This category contains departments that manage the following areas: social services, housing subsidies, custody and guardianship issues, elderly services, rehabilitation centers, cultural adaption services, etc.

6.3.10. Social security fund

A state entitlement program that provides mandatory social insurance to citizens. The main function of this program is to provide insurance in cases where individuals become unable to work or suffer from work-related accidents or illnesses. This program provides vouchers for treatment at health resorts to certain categories of citizens.

6.3.11. Employment center

State organizations that help individuals gain employment. These include job centers, agencies, and employment centers.

6.4. Public institution


6.4.1. Archive

State and national archives, archival departments of administrations.


Bureaus of deeds are organizations that are in charge of state record keeping and inventorying real estate.

6.4.3. Consumer protection

State organizations that protect consumer rights: organizations that protect consumers, the Russian consumer protection structures.

6.4.4. Treasury

State services that monitor the government's budget.

6.4.5. Forest management, logging

Organizations that restore and cultivate forests, take care of artificial stands, designate cutting areas, and protect the forests.

6.4.6. Licensing

State agencies that issue licenses to conduct a particular type of economic activity

6.4.7. State supervisory bodies

State agencies that ensure that individuals and legal entities follow laws and other regulations.

6.4.8. Patent services

Patent offices and patent attorneys. Patenting, registering trademark signs and marks, patent research, protection of intellectual property.

6.4.9. Registration chamber

State agencies that register real estate titles and transactions.

6.4.10. Certification of products and services

Services that confirm that a product or service conforms to a certain standard and produce certificates of conformity.

6.4.11. Standardization and metrics

Develop and establish mandatory requirements and standards for products, work, and services.

6.4.12. Statistical organization

State statistics organizations that produce official statistics measuring social, economic, demographic and environmental phenomena in a given country.

6.4.13. Construction expertise and technical supervision

Supervision of buildings and structures with the goal of understanding all facets of a building's present technical condition.

6.4.14. Customs warehouse

Specially equipped areas where goods that were either imported onto the territory of that country or are awaiting export are stored: warehouses, temporary warehouses, and terminals.

6.4.15. Customs

Customs posts: passenger, cargo, railway, or specialized.

6.4.16. Department of corrections

State organizations that execute punishments: prison services, penitentiary services.

6.4.17. Examination

Assessments of a product's conformity to the requirements and standards of industrial safety. Only organizations that have a license to conduct industrial safety inspections can do so.

6.4.18. Road safety tools

Equipment for road safety organizations: traffic lights, traffic humps, barriers, road signs, etc.

6.4.19. Road construction and repair

Organizations that construct, repair, or pave roads.

6.4.20. Border crossing

All points where people pass between state borders.

6.5. Law enforcement agencies and special services


6.5.1. Private security

Structural divisions of the state security services.


State vehicle registration and registration/examination divisions of the traffic police and road safety offices. They also perform the following functions: changing license plates and issuing driver's licenses.

6.5.3. Public order point

State-community partnerships for the purpose of maintaining public order and preventing crime on the territories that they monitor.

6.5.4. Police station

Sub-divisions of Ministries of Internal Affairs: departments, divisions, and police stations in Belarus, Abkhazia, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries.

Note: For Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, use the “Police department” category.

6.5.5. Police branch

Sub-divisions of Ministries of Internal Affairs: departments, divisions, and police stations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

Note: For Belarus, Abkhazia, and Kyrgyzstan, use the Police (militia) department category.

6.5.6. State traffic inspectorate

Divisions and departments of the traffic police and road safety service, sub-divisions of the road patrol services. Only organizations that relate to the state auto-inspection structure.

6.5.7. State security service

National security services: the FSB, the National Guard of Russia, the SBU, the KGB, the NSC, etc.

6.5.8. Investigating Committee

State organizations that investigate very important criminal cases and ensure that the law is followed when crimes are reported and registered, when reports of criminal activity are verified, when criminal cases are initiated, and when preliminary investigations take place. They also protect the rights and freedoms of citizens and other individuals.

6.6. Civil registration office



Public records and civil registry offices.

Embassies, consulates, visa centers


6.7.1. Visa centers of foreign countries

Visa service centers: both freestanding centers and consulates and embassies of foreign states.

6.7.2. Embassy, Consulate

Embassies, consulates, trade and economic activity representatives for foreign countries.

6,8. Tax inspection


6.8.1. Tax inspection

Sub-divisions of state tax inspection services.

6.9. Mail, communication services


6.9.1. Urban telephone network

Centers for landline telephone services and telecommunication nodes where customer service is offered.

6.9.2. Post office

Divisions of the state postal service that receive, sort, send, process, and deliver mail and packages.

6.9.3. Post services

Postal service organizations: preparing, packaging, and sending letters, parcels and packages. Not to be confused with branches of the state postal service.

6.9.4. Telecommunications company

Generally, they provide a wide range of services: internet, TV, cellular, urban communications, etc.

6.10. Passport service


6.10.1. Passport and migration services

Management offices and territorial divisions of migration service offices, passport offices.

6.11. Court, prosecutor's office


6.11.1. Prosecutor's office

Agencies that ensure compliance with legislation in the name of the state.


State and specialized judicial bodies (i.e. court-martial). This section must not list any lawyers.

6.11.3. Bailiff

State bailiff services

6.11.4. Arbitral tribunals

Arbitral tribunals.

6.11.5. Justice of the peace

Justices of the peace.

6.12. Firemen, emergency services


6.12.1. Civil defense

Ministries of civil defense, emergencies, and natural disaster response.

6.12.2. Fire departments and services

State fire and rescue organizations that prevent and extinguish fires. Voluntary firefighter groups.

6.12.3. Radiation control

Monitoring radiation in buildings or other structures.

6.12.4. Rescue service

Professional teams that conduct rescue operations in emergency situations clean up after disasters. Examples of emergencies: fires, harmful chemical spills, road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, etc.

6.13. Public services, single window service



Multifunction centers provide state and municipal services. These include organizations that meet certain requirements and have the authority to provide various state and municipal services (including in electronic form).

6.13.2. Payment processing center

Centers for processing utility payments.

6.14. Enlistment office, army


6.14.1. Enlistment office

Military services, enlistment and draft offices, and other agencies responsible for conscripting citizens for military service.

6.15. Correctional facility


6.15.1. Correctional facility

Prisons of various security levels.

6.16. Railway station attendant


6.16.1. Railway station attendant

Railway station attendant. Only available for indoor maps.

6.17. Administration


6.17.1. Administration

Administration. Only available for indoor maps.

6.18. Military commandant office


6.18.1. Military commandant office

Military commandant office. Only available for indoor maps.

6.19. Customs control


6.19.1. Customs control

Customs control. Only available for indoor maps.

6.20. Immigration office


6.20.1. Immigration office

Immigration office. Only available for indoor maps.

6.21. Passport control


6.21.1. Passport control

Passport control. Only available for indoor maps.

6.22. Currency declaration point


6.22.1. Currency declaration point

Currency declaration point. Only available for indoor maps.

6.23. Plant and animal control


6.23.1. Plant and animal control

Plant and animal control. Only available for indoor maps.

7. Religion


7.1. Church

7.2.1. Catholic church

Catholic churches, cathedrals, basilicas.

7.1.2. Monastery

Monasteries, monk colonies, and hermitages of various of Christian denominations.

7.1.3. Orthodox church

Orthodox churches, cathedrals, chapels, baptisteries.

This category also includes temples of "old believers", as well as prayer rooms.

7.1.4. Armenian apostolic church

Christian and Armenian Apostolic churches.

7.1.5. Protestant church

To category includes the following churches:: Evangelical Lutheran churches, Evangelical churches, Methodist churches, Presbyterian churches, Protestant churches, Seventh-Day-Adventist churches, Evangelical Christian churches, and Baptist churches.

Other faiths are categorized under Catholic churches, Orthodox churches, The Armenian Apostolic church, synagogues, mosques, and pagodas.

Associations of believers of different faiths, religious offices, communities, and parishes can be found under heading “7.2.1. Religious association”.

7.1.6. Chapel, wayside cross

This category includes chapels and wayside crosses of various Christian denominations: chapel, wayside shrine (Orthodox), chapel (for Orthodox Christians), chapel (for Old Believers), khachkar (for the Armenian Church), and baptismal fonts and baths at sacred springs.

7.2. Religious institution


7.2.1. Religious association

Religious institutions and buildings that are not associated with worship services. Structural divisions of churches: Roman Catholic diocese, diocesan offices, archdiocese, bishopships, diocese. Individual buildings in temples and monasteries where services are not held: cells, the Metropolitan Archbishop's chambers, Episcopal buildings, Bishop homes, rectory buildings, houses of the clergy, parishes, monastic outbuildings, novitiates. Religious centers: spiritual enlightenment centers, Orthodox centers. Oboo (obo) and other buildings of worship

7.3. Synagogue


7.3.1. Synagogue

Synagogues, Jewish community centers.

7.4. Mosque


7.4.1. Mosque

Muslim mosques, mahalla mosques, local Muslim organizations.

7.4.2. Ablution spot

Places used for ablution as part of ritual purification in Islam.

7.5. Pagoda


7.5.1. Pagoda

Buddhist, Hindu Or Taoist buildings of worship: dugans, temples, datsans, hurdes, stupas, etc.

8. Food


8.1. Cafe-restaurant


8.2.1. Banquet room

Individual banquet halls (formal banquet rooms) and banquet halls in hotels, restaurants, etc.

8.1.2. Cafe

Establishments that serve food in the mid-range price category.

This type also includes cafes within supermarkets and hypermarkets that have a separate cash register and an eating area.

8.1.3. Pizzeria

Establishments whose menus feature pizza primarily.

8.1.4. Restaurant

Establishments that serve food in the upper-range price category and contain the word "restaurant" in their names.

8.1.5. Sushi-bar

Establishments that serve Japanese cuisine, featuring sushi and rolls on their menus.

8.1.6. Food and food delivery

Delivery of ready-made meals like sushi, chinese food, or pizza. Organizations that deliver meals to offices are also included in this category.

8.2. Bar, pub


8.2.1. Bar, pub

Various drinking establishments.

8.2.1. Hookah bar

Establishments where you can smoke hookah.

8.2.3. Sports bar

Bars where sports fans gather to watch games.

7.3. Food service, cafeteria


8.3.1. Canteen

Establishments that serve food based on a system of self-service and pre-pay. Dishes are selected based on what is offered on that day; there are several options for the first, second, and third courses.

8.4. Fast food


8.4.1. Fast food

Establishments that serve ready-made foods that you can consume quickly. The most famous joints of this kind are: McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, and others. Other types of fast food that are common in Russia (pelmeni, chebureki, etc.) are also included in this category.

8.5. Coffee shop, tea shop


8.5.1. Cafe

Coffee shops, tea shops, bakeries.

9. Auto


9.1. Transport, transportation


9.1.1. Airline

Offices of companies that manage passenger air transportation.

9.1.11. Inter-city bus service

Passenger long-distance bus transport.

9.1.3. Bus depot

Passenger bus-service stations where buses can be dispatched in the right numbers for routes. Drivers, dispatchers, and service personnel typically work at these service stations.

9.1.4. Motor club

Auto clubs that offer solutions to members' vehicle problems, road services, insurance options, lawyers that handle cases involving vehicles, etc.

9.1.5. Freight transport services

Services that transport cargo either within city limits or over long distances. There are separate categories for just transportation and transportation that includes related services such as cargo protection, customs clearance, and warehousing.

9.1.6. Motor transport company, motor depot

Transportation companies: freight and passenger.

9.1.7. Rental of construction machinery

Companies that rent all types of equipment and machinery for road and construction works.

9.1.8. Air freight services

Cargo transport by air.

9.1.9. Rail freight services

Cargo transport by railway.

9.1.10. Logistics company

Companies that provide various logistics services. For example, procurement, transport, storage, production, or information logistics.

9.1.11. Maritime agency

Agencies that service vessels at ports. For example, they process loading and unloading documents, organize repairs, provide fuel and food, etc.

9.1.12. Maritime freight services

Cargo transport by sea and river.

9.1.5. Bus sales and repair service

Bus sales and servicing.

9.1.6. Car hire

Rentals of various vehicles.

9.1.15. Taxi desk

Designated desks for calling a taxi. A common service at airports.

9.1.16. Taxi stand

Official taxi stands equipped with special signs.

9.1.17. Taxi

Offices and dispatch stations.

9.1.18. Tram depot

Tram depots and service stations.

9.1.20. Transport infrastructure

All infrastructure-related items for all types of transportation: locomotive and train depots, electric train and metro depots, utility buildings and railway items, hump yards, rotary car dumpers, railway scales, truck scales, and electric bus charging stations.

9.1.20. Trolleybus depot

Trolley depot and service station.

9.1.21. City transport service and management

Administrative bodies that manage city passenger transport (buses, trolleys, trams, metros).

9.1.22. Railway service and management

Railway management organizations and companies that service railways: passenger service directorates, etc.

Railway cargo transport belongs in section 9.1.13. Railway freight transport.

9.1.23. Roadside rest area

Designated rest areas along the road.

92. Driving school


9.2.1. Driving school

Driver training courses led by non-governmental organizations that prepare people to pass their drivers examinations. There are also courses in defensive driving and extreme driving.

9.3. Gas station



Gas filling stations.


Petrol filling stations.

9.3.3. Car charging station

Stations where you can charge electric cars.

9.4. Auto repair, auto shop


9.4.1. Auto repair, auto shop

Full-service car repairs and servicing.

9.4.2. Avtotekhpomosch', evacuation vehicles

Assistance in cases of emergencies on the road. Auto repair services and tow trucks.

9.4.3. Body repair

Car repair shops that specialize in body work.

9.4.4. Vehicle re-equipment

Organizations that specialize in refurbishing vehicles for specific purposes.

9.4.5. Automatic transmission repair

Car repair shops that specialize in repairing automatic transmissions.

9.4.6. Repair of engines

Workshops that specialize in repairing vehicle engines.

9.4.7. Repair of motor vehicles

Workshops that specialize in repairing motorcycles.

9.4.8. Repair of farm equipment

Repairs of farming machinery (tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, etc.).

9.4.9. Studio car tuning

Workshops that specialize in vehicle maintenance.

9.4.10. Window tinting

Auto-glass tinting services.

9.4.11. Installation of LPG

Installations of gas cylinder equipment for vehicles.

9.4.12. Express-point for replacing the oil

The points of replacement of car oil (only Express replacement), as a rule, in the presence of the client.

If the oil is replaced at a car service, select the category “9.4.1. Auto repair, auto shop”.

9,5. Car dealership, auto market


9.5.1. Trailer

Sales of trailers and semi-trailers for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

9.5.2. Car market

Car markets and fairs.

9.5.3. Motor show

Stores that sell new and/or pre-owned vehicles.

9.5.4. Motor vehicles and motorhome

Sales and rentals of "homes on wheels" (RVs) for tourism or other purposes.

9.5.5. Buy cars

Organizations that buy out vehicles.

9.5.6. Trucks, trucks

Sales and repairs of trucks, dump trucks, and other special equipment intended for cargo transport.

9.5.7. Motorbike store

Stores that sell motorcycles and other motorized transport items: scooters, buggies, snowmobiles, etc.

9.5.8. Agricultural machinery

Sales of farming equipment: tractors, combines, planters, cultivators, etc. and related parts.

9.5.9. Special equipment and special vehicles

Sales of equipment that serves special functions: armored carriers, vehicles that transport dangerous cargo, ambulances, tow trucks, etc.

9.5.10. Automobile examination, car assessment

Services that evaluate the technical condition of vehicles.

9.6. Auto parts, accessories


9.6.1. Auto-acoustics

Sales and installations of car audio systems.

9.6.2. Car air conditioners

Sales and installations of car air-conditioning systems.

9.6.3. Car care products, car care products

Speciality stores that sell cleaning and detailing supplies for cars.

9.6.4. Car seat

Sales and installations of car seats for children.

9.6.5. Tires and wheels

Sales of car wheels and tires.

9.6.6. Car radiators

Sales of car heaters of all types: for engines and passenger salons, autonomous and dependent, water and air, etc.

9.6.7. Car radiators

Sales of radiator cooling systems and parts.

9.6.8. Car tachographs

Sales of tachographs (monitoring devices installed in vehicles) that are designed to record the driver's speed, activity, and choice of driving modes.

9.6.9. Auto-selection

Places where you can buy used car parts. These parts are taken from vehicles that were in accidents or can not be repaired.

9.6.10. Car alarm

Sales and installations of car alarm systems.

9.6.11. Auto glass

Sales, installations, and repairs of all car windows.

9.6.12. Enamel, automotive paint

Sales of enamels and paints for cars.

9.6.13. Spare parts for buses

Sales of bus parts.

9.6.14. Spare parts for motor vehicles

Sales of spare parts for motorcycles.

9.6.15. Auto parts and auto products store

Department stores that sell auto parts.

9.7. Driving platform


9.7.1. Driving platform

Specially equipped areas where people can learn to drive.

9.8. Tire service


9.8.1. Tire service

Organizations that primarily specialize in tire and disk repairs and alignments.

9.9. The post of DPS


9.9.1. The post of DPS

Permanent traffic police posts along roadways.

9.10. Car wash


9.10.1. Car wash

Organizations that specialize in washing cars, detailing car interiors, etc.

9.11. Garage cooperative


9.11.1. Garage cooperative

Garage construction cooperatives.

9.12. Impound lot


9.12.1. Impound lot

Specially equipped areas where towed vehicles are stored.

9.13. Inspection point


9.13.1. Inspection point

Authorized venues and structures for car inspections (both state and licensed commercial establishments). They can issue diagnostic cards.

10. Sports


10.1. Stadium, athletic fields


10.2.1. Rink

Ice rinks (indoor and outdoor).

Neighborhood rinks are marked in section 11.2.1. Sports field, outdoor workout area .

10.1.2. Sports complex

Sports palaces. Multi-functional sports complexes that include several types of athletic buildings (such as stadiums, pools, ice rinks, tennis courts, etc.). Health and fitness complexes

10.1.3. Stadium

Stadiums and sports palaces, grandstands.

10.1.4. Stadium blocks

Detailed division into blocks, sectors, and stands to improve search and navigation inside the stadium.

10.2. Sports facility


10.2.1. Aeroclub

Flight clubs, pilot schools, parachuting, paragliding, hang-gliding, etc.

10.2.1. Golf club

Golf clubs and fields

10.2.3. Diving

Scuba diving centers.

10.2.4. Sports base

Places where sports retreats, training camps for sports teams, and other recreational events for athletes take place.

10.2.5. Athletic club, section

Professional and amateur clubs and groups for different types of sports such as football, ice-hockey, martial arts, etc.

10.2.6. Shooting club, shooting range

Shooting ranges, sport-shooting clubs, rifle ranges.

10.2.7. Golf club

Courts and clubs for tennis and ping-pong.

10.2.8. Yacht club

Organizations for yacht enthusiasts. Yacht clubs allow members to rent yachts and equipment, and offer to repair and moor the vessels as well.

10.2.9. Water base, boat station

Places where you can rent, lease, or store boats, catamarans and other vessels.

10.2.10. Wind tunnel

Places where you can fly in a wind tunnel.

10.2.11. Squash courts

Platforms for playing in the Park.

10.2.12. Mini Golf

Outdoor or indoor areas for playing mini-golf.

10.2.13. Curling club

Ice rinks for the game of curling.

10.2.14. Climbing wall

Artificial structures for climbing, wholly or partly imitating the relief of the mountains.

10.3. Fitness, gym


10.3.1. Athletic, gym

Gyms, workout rooms, free-weight areas, fitness centers.

10.3.2. Fitness club

Commercial organizations that provide space where people can work out individually or with an instructor using weights and cardio equipment.

10.3.3. Center of yoga

Places where you can do yoga.

Racetracks, equestrian clubs


10.4.1. Hippodrome

Places where horse racing and equestrian shows take place.

10.4.2. Horse club

Places where people train in horseback riding.

10.5. Racetrack, racetrack


10.5.1. Circuit

Specially equipped tracks where car races are held and related facilities (areas where cars are serviced, bleachers, track administration buildings, etc.)

10.5.2. Motordrome

Specially equipped tracks for motorcycle racing, including for motocross, and related facilities: areas where cars are serviced, bleachers, track administration buildings, etc.

10.5.3. Karting

Go cart tracks and clubs.

10.6. Bassein


10.6.1. Bassein

Free-standing pools or pools attached to public facilities that are available to everyone. Indoor or outdoor pools.

10.7. Skiing lodge


10.7.1. Skiing lodge

Centers for cross-country skiing and centers for downhill skiing with specially equipped slopes for skiers.

10.7.2. Downhill skiing complex

Places for skiing and snowboarding with developed infrastructure and specially equipped trails and lifts.

11. Yard and park infrastructure


11.1. Playgrounds


11.2.1. Children's play rooms and playgrounds

Recreation complexes and game rooms for children (both indoor and open air).

11.2. Athletic field


11.2.1. Athletic field, workout

Outdoor athletics fields and places to train that have certain equipment. Neighborhood skating rinks are included in the same category.

11.2.1. Tennis courts
Areas for playing tennis, whether covered or open.

11.3. Dog Run


11.3.1. Dog Runs

Specially equipped areas for walking dogs.

11.4. Garbage Collection


11.4.1. Garbage Collection

Specially equipped areas where you can dispose of trash (where there are dumpsters and recycling bins).

11.5. Bicycle Racks


11.5.1. Bicycle Racks

Bike parking.

11.6. Bike and Scooter Rentals


11.6.1. Scooter Rental

Scooter rental stations and points.


11.6.2. Bike Rental

Bike rental points.

11.6.3. Electric Scooter Charging Station

Stations where you can charge electric scooters.

11.7. Bench


11.7.1. Bench

Benches, deck chairs, and other outdoor seating.

Each bench is marked with a separate placemark on the map even if there is a cluster of items of this type.

Benches that are part of larger objects (amphitheaters, stadiums, public transport stops, and so on) or inside buildings are not marked on the map.

11.8. Gazebo


11.8.1. Gazebo

Gazebos are free-standing structures that have a roof or canopy and at least one open side.

Each gazebo is marked with a separate placemark on the map even if there is a cluster of items of this type.

11.9. Barbecue area


11.9.1. Barbecue area

Recreation areas equipped for making barbecue. If the area has standalone gazebos or benches equipped with barbecues, each of them is marked with a separate "Barbecue area" placemark. If barbecues are placed in groups separately from gazebos and benches, each group is marked with a "Barbecue area" placemark, and gazebos and benches are marked as separate items.

11.10. Laundry area


11.10.1. Laundry area

Specially equipped household utility areas with racks for drying and airing laundry, as well as areas designed for carpet cleaning. Marking out laundry areas on private territories is prohibited.

11.11. Aviary


11.11.1. Aviary

Stationary bird aviaries in yards, with dovecotes being the most common type. You can also mark out park aviaries and decorative aviaries (for swans or peacocks).

Agricultural aviaries (such as for henhouses) should be drawn in the Agricultural infrastructure category.

12. Business and services


12.1. Commercial organization or business


12.2.1. IT company
Companies working in the tech sphere that create, develop and maintain information systems.
12.1.2. PR agency
Agencies that handle public relations. Organizations that attempt to foster a favorable public opinion regarding products, people, companies, or events.
12.1.3. Outsourcing

Companies that outsource personnel from third-party companies primarily in the following areas: IT-system servicing, HR management, logistics, transport, office cleaning, security, and manufacturing.

12.1.4. Aerial survey

Organizations that photograph territories using cameras installed on aircraft. Satellite imagery is also included in this category.

12.1.5. Business consulting

Management consulting for commercial, legal, manufacturing, technical, or investigative fields.

12.1.6. Market

Places where securities (stocks), currencies, or commodities can be exchanged.

12.1.7. Translation agency

Agencies that offer translating and interpreting services between various languages.

12.1.8. Dealing center

Companies that organize trades on the currency market.

12.1.9. Manufacture and repair of musical instruments

Musical instrument factories, workshops where musical instruments are repaired and tuned.

12.1.10. Publishing services

All kinds of publishers: books, music, Newspapers and magazines, electronic publications, etc. Not to be confused with the media!

12.1.11. Icon-painting workshop

Workshops that produce icons and iconostases and do restorations.

12.1.12. Internet service provider

Organizations that provide access to the internet

12.1.13. News agency

Businesses that provide information to media sources. Their main function is to supply current information to the editorial offices of newspapers, magazines, tv channels, and radio stations. News compilation and publication

12.1.14. Recruitment agency

Agencies that recruit employees for organizations.

12.1.15. Caterer

On-location event catering (including food and service staff).

12.1.16. Courier services

Services offering express delivery of cargo and mail. Urban, suburban, international.

12.1.17. Marketing services

Collection, processing and analysis of data on markets, competitors, consumers, prices, including planning PR events, organizing presentations, etc.

12.1.19. Migration services

This category includes commercial organizations that help individuals obtain citizenship and other immigration services.

12.1.19. Security company

Provide security guards for businesses and individuals (both private and state organizations).

12.1.20. Event planning agency

Agencies that organize events.

12.1.21. Production center

Production services for theater, music, film, and other projects.

12.1.22. Rental point

Locations where you can rent household items, appliances, tools, audio-video, children's items, equipment for tourists and athletes, etc.

12.1.23. Radio company

Companies engaged in broadcasting: radio stations, radio programs, radio waves.

12.1.24. Media editorial office

Editorial offices for newspapers and magazines.

12.1.25. Advertising agency

Full-cycle ad agencies

12.1.26. Restoration workshop

Workshops that restore antiques; works of fine, decorative and applied art; furniture, etc.

12.1.27. Design studio

The general category for all types of design.

12.1.28. Recording studio

Special rooms that are set up to record and process sound.

12.1.29. TV company

Producers of television programs for various channels.

12.1.30. Management company