Scanning a site

To start scanning:

  1. Launch Manul.
  2. On the Scanner tab, click the buttonBegin scanning.

Scanning results are saved in the file scan_log.xml on your server (<your site address>/manul/tmp/ To download it, click the button Download archive with report on the utility's page.

Note: Once the archive has been saved on the computer, it will be deleted from the server automatically.

Scan settings

To set up scanning, click the Settings button.

Option How it works

Search for malicious code

Option on: the utility collects data and marks suspicious and malicious files.

Option off: the utility only collects general file data.

By default, the option is on. If an error occurs during site scanning, try turning off this option and scanning the site without it.

Request interval

You can set the interval between sending requests to the server during scanning.

The default interval is two seconds. We recommend that you do not change this setting, unless server errors occur during scanning.

After scanning the site, you canview the report and make a cleaning script.