What is Manul?

Manul is an antivirus tool for your website.


You can view and analyze the report using the log analyzer. It can prepare a cleaning script that will delete or quarantine the specified files.


Before installing the tool, make sure your server meets the technical requirements.

To install:

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. Place the manul.zip archive in the website's root directory.
  3. Unpack the archive in the root directory.

To launch the installed utility, open the page <your site address>/manul/index.php in a browser. Next, make up a password and enter it on the page that opens. You will need to enter this password each time you open the utility.


A hash of the password is saved in encrypted format in the file config.php on your server (<your site address>/manul/tmp/). If you forget your password, delete this file from the server. Then re-launch Manul and enter a new password.

To remove the utility, go to the page <your site address>/manul/index.php and click Delete Manul. The manul directory and the manul.zip archive will be deleted (together with archives of quarantine and check logs, if they remained on the server).