Yandex 360 Premium

Yandex 360 is a virtual workspace that includes your personal services: Yandex Mail, Yandex Disk, Yandex Telemost, Yandex Documents, Yandex Calendar, Yandex Notes, and Yandex Messenger.

With Yandex 360 Premium, you will have access to even more features in Yandex Mail.

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Yandex 360 Premium benefits

  • There will be no ads — both in web versions and in apps.
  • Support responds within three hours.
  • You can enable an exclusive email address, which is easy to remember, for example:
  • You can create a backup of emails to save important messages and restore them if something happens to them.
  • You can enable confirmation of new mailing lists and only receive the emails you find interesting.
  • Primary emails, the ones you usually read first, will be automatically highlighted.

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To learn how to sign up for a premium subscription, change your service plan, or resolve subscription issues, see Yandex 360 Premium Help.