Sorting emails

If you receive many different emails and you want to easily navigate through your mailbox, sort your emails.

Hide subscriptions you don't read

If you have a lot of subscriptions, Yandex.Mail will help you sort them out.

Sort messages my category

Newsletters, social media notifications, and emails with attachments are all sorted into dedicated system folders.

Sort emails into folders

You can create multiple folders for different types of email: personal, work-related, or social.

Label your emails

Use color labels to sort emails within the same folder.

Set up automatic filters for incoming messages

Yandex.Mail can automatically sort email by folders, label them, respond, forward messages, or notify you when you receive a new email.

Organize all messages with the same subject in a thread

That way, messages relating to the same correspondence won't take up extra space in the message list.

Scroll messages by month

You can view all emails for a particular month or year.

Filter messages by sender

Yandex.Mail shows all messages from the sender, even if they were received at different times.