Here are some ways to protect your mailbox

It's recommended you link your phone number to your account and enable two-step verification to protect the account from hacking and fraud. If you do this, your account security won't depend solely on your password, and it will be easier to sort out access problems.

If you don't want to enable two-step verification, try taking measures to protect your password:

  1. Think of a strong password
  2. Never tell your password to anyone
  3. Don't use the same password on multiple services
  4. Protect your access recovery channels

Think of a strong password

Follow our guidelines for creating a reliable password that is difficult to guess or crack.

Never tell your password to anyone

You're the only person who knows your password from the moment you register. Don't disclose your password to anyone and never enter it on suspicious websites to avoid letting it get into the wrong hands.

It's much safer to make up unique passwords for programs and apps such as email clients.

Don't use the same password on multiple services

If a scammer learns your password through one of the services you use, they will definitely try using it with other popular resources, social networks, and games.

If you have accounts on many different services, it might be difficult to remember all of your passwords by heart. A password manager may come in handy. However, you should remember to check reviews for applications and extensions you're about to install before entrusting them with your personal data.

Protect your access recovery channels

Try to take measures to stop hackers from recovering access to your account:

  • If your phone number is verified, make sure it stays up to date. When you receive a new phone number, go to Phone numbers and update the information immediately.

  • If you're using backup email addresses to restore access to your mailbox, make sure each one is protected as well as your main Yandex account: think of a strong password and verify your phone number when possible.

  • If your only way of access recovery is a security question, please read our recommendations on making strong security questions.