Yandex.Mail doesn't load

Sometimes a Yandex.Mail page doesn't load and you see error messages:
  • “An error occurred”.
  • “Try refreshing the browser tab or just wait a few minutes and try again”.

  • “Please wait...”

  • “It is taking a long time to load the page”.

  • “Try refreshing the page or using the light version of Mail”.

This usually occurs for the following reasons:

Extensions block Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail may not work properly due to certain browser extensions or add-ons. You can temporarily disable them to determine if this is the case. If an ad blocker or an anti-malware extension are causing problems with Yandex.Mail, add the Yandex.Disk page to the extension's exceptions list.

You are using an outdated browser

An outdated browser may not support the technologies used for quickly and easily loading pages. Install the latest version of your browser.

Internet connection has slowed down

Close all browser tabs other than Yandex.Mail. Turn off the apps that use the internet and reload the page.

There is a problem with the network connection

To check this, open Yandex.Mail using mobile internet. If no errors occur, contact your provider's support team. If you use work email, tell your system administrator about the problem.

The wrong compatibility mode is selected in Internet Explorer 8 and higher.

Compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 8 and higher may cause errors.

Set the Browser mode and Document mode to match your browser version.

  1. Press the F12 button or select menu option Developer tools.
  2. Click the icon and choose your browser version.
    Note. If you use Internet Explorer 11 and higher, choose Edge.