Manage subscriptions

With Yandex Mail, you can sort out your subscriptions to keep only the most interesting ones. You'll still receive new messages from interesting subscriptions in your Inbox, but the subscription emails you don't usually read will be automatically deleted.

If you want your subscriptions to have a dedicated folder, enable sorting by categories.

You can only manage your subscriptions in the full version of Yandex Mail, on the mobile website, and in the official mobile app. You can't set up your subscriptions in third-party email programs or in the light version of Yandex Mail. You also can't manage subscriptions gathered from your other mailbox.

  1. View all your subscriptions
  2. Move emails to the Trash folder
  3. Receive email in the Inbox again
  4. Confirm new mailing lists

View all your subscriptions

In the upper-right corner, click and choose Manage subscriptions. You will see all of your subscriptions on the Active tab. To view recent subscription messages, hover over the subscription and click Learn more.

Move emails to the Trash folder

  1. On the Active tab, select the subscriptions you want to hide. New email from these addresses will be automatically sent to the Trash folder.
  2. Click Disable <number> subscriptions.
  3. Enable the Delete old email option if you want to move old messages from the selected addresses from Inbox to Trash .
  4. Click Disable <number> subscriptions.

Receive email in the Inbox again

  1. Open the Disabled tab.
  2. Select the subscriptions you want to activate. New email from these senders will arrive in your Inbox folder.
  3. Click Activate <number> subscriptions.
  4. Confirm activation.

Confirm new mailing lists

To avoid getting marketing emails in your Inbox without permission, enable their confirmation. Yandex Mail will inform you when you receive new subscription emails, and you'll just have to decide if you want to receive them or unsubscribe.

Attention. Available only with Yandex 360 Premium.

Enable confirmation of mailing lists

  1. In the upper-right corner, click .
  2. Choose Manage subscriptions.
  3. Open the New tab.
  4. Click Enable.

Sort new mailing lists

When you receive several new subscription emails, you'll see a prompt above the list of emails telling you how many mailing lists need to be sorted.

  1. Open the New tab.
  2. Select one or several subscriptions.
  3. Choose what to do with them. To do this, click:

    • Receive to add them to the Active tab and move the emails to your Inbox.
    • Disable to add them to the Disabled tab and move the emails to the Trash folder.

Disable confirmation of mailing lists

  1. Open the New tab.
  2. Click Do you want to disable confirmation of new mailing lists? at the bottom of the tab.
  3. Choose what to do with emails from unsorted mailing lists: move everything to the Inbox or delete them.
Tip. If you want to move some of the unsorted emails to the Inbox and delete the remaining ones, do so before disabling this feature.

What will happen when my Yandex 360 Premium subscription ends?

After Yandex 360 Premium ends, the emails from unsorted mailing lists are moved to the Inbox. Emails from subsequent mailing lists will also enter your Inbox.

Confirmation is enabled but doesn't work

You can enable confirmation of mailing lists only in the main Yandex Mail interface. This feature doesn't work correctly in the light version, third-party email programs, or message importers.