Notifications about new emails

If you have several mailboxes, you can get notifications when you have new Yandex.Mail messages at your other email address. To set up notifications:

  1. Open the menu Settings  → Message filters and click on Create filter.
  2. In the ApplyApply section, select the type of emails in the list that you want the filter to apply to:

  3. In the If section, enter the filtering condition:

    For more information about parameters and values, see the How to set a condition section.

  4. Several conditions can be specified for one filter. These conditions can be met simultaneously or separately:
    1. In the If section, click Add condition, and select the parameter and its value.
    2. Please, specify if these conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously:

  5. In the Take the following action section, enable the Send notifications to option and enter the email address where you want to receive notifications.
  6. Click Create filter. Enter your Yandex password.
  7. Check the mailbox where you indicated that you want to receive notifications. You will get an email there with instructions on how to confirm that you want to get notifications. After you confirm your choice, new email notifications will be sent to the mailbox you indicated.

I'm not getting notifications

Make sure that the filter is enabled on the Message filters page and that you confirmed the address where your emails should be sent.

Check for any wrong characters in the address you entered.

Also check if the receiving mailbox has any filters that delete messages or move them to Spam.