New message notification

If you have multiple mailboxes, you can receive notifications about new messages in Yandex Mail to a different email address. To set up notifications:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click  → All settings.
  2. Select Message filters.
  3. Click Create filter.
  4. Under Apply, choose the type of message to apply the filter to:

  5. Under If, set the filter conditions:

    To learn more about creating filters, see this dedicated article.

  6. You can specify several conditions for one filter. These conditions can be met simultaneously or separately:
    1. In the If block click Add condition.
    2. Specify if these conditions must be met simultaneously:

  7. Under Take the following action, enable Send notification to and enter the address where notifications will be sent.
  8. Click Create filter. Enter your Yandex password.
    Note. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, use a one-time password generated by the Yandex Key app to log in.
  9. Check the mailbox you entered for receiving notifications. You will receive an email with instructions on how to confirm receiving notifications. After confirmation, you will receive new email notifications in the specified mailbox.

I don't receive notifications

There are a few reasons why this might occur:

Yandex ID doesn't have all your information Enter your valid personal details in Yandex ID and link your phone number to your account. It may be that our security system considers your account suspicious and blocked the mailbox. This usually happens if you don't link a phone number to your mailbox or enter a fake name in Yandex ID. It usually takes a couple of hours to have your account unblocked.Enter your valid personal details in Yandex ID and link your phone number to your account.

The filter isn't set up or your address hasn't yet been verified

Make sure that the filter is enabled on the Rules for processing email page and that the forwarding address is verified. Check for any incorrect characters in the address you entered.

Not enough time has passed since configuring the filter

Wait a few minutes after setting up a message filter because it may take some time for it to be activated.

The filtering conditions are specified incorrectly

Check the properties and parameters.

There are filters with higher priority in the list of filters

If the list above contains rules with the same conditions, or one of the rules above has the Do not apply other rules option selected, this may impact how the rule is implemented. For more details, please see Rule priority.

Email imported by the mail importer is not in my Inbox

If you receive an email from another account of yours (meaning you have email importing enabled, and the email isn't in your Inbox), the filters don't apply.

The receiving mailbox has inbox filters enabled

If the receiving mailbox has filters that delete incoming email or move it to Spam, the messages will immediately disappear from the Inbox folder upon arrival.