How to set up a condition

In order for a filter to work properly, you need to define the condition correctly. The condition specifies the parameter, its value, and how strict the condition is.

  1. Parameters and values
  2. Strictness

Parameters and values

Parameter What to specify in a parameter's value Example of parameter value
From Sender address
To or Сс Recipient address or Cc recipient address
To Recipient address
Cc Cc recipient address
Subject Email subject Madness
Email body Email text We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.
Attachment name Name of attached file document.pdf
Header Information from message headers To:


There are four strictness levels:

Email to filter Applicable for parameters Example of filtering
Emails with parameters strictly matching the specified value (username or address).




To or Сс

For example, when filtering the Sender parameter, you can either specify the address or the name “Mad Hatter”. In both cases, an email sent by “Mad Hatter” from the address will be filtered.
Emails with parameters that strictly match the specified value.


Email body

Attachment name


If Subject has the value “we are madmen”, an email with the subject “We are madmen” will be filtered.
Emails with bodies matching the specified value (standalone or in a phrase, the initial word and its word forms).

Email body

If the Email body parameter has the value “madmen”, emails with the text “We are all such different kinds of madmen” and with the text “We are all madmen will be filtered.