Creating and configuring filters

Create a filter

Attention. The filters you enter will only work for new emails. Emails that are already in your mailbox won't be filtered automatically. If you want to apply a filter to existing emails, click Apply filter to existing messages.
  1. Open the menu Settings  → Message filters and click on Create filter.
  2. In the Apply section, select the type of emails in the list that you want the filter to apply to:

  3. In the If section, enter the filtering condition:

    For more information about parameters and values, see the How to set a condition section.

  4. Several conditions can be specified for one filter. These conditions can be met simultaneously or separately:
    1. In the If section, click Add condition, and select the parameter and its value.
    2. Please, specify if these conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously:

  5. In the Take the following action section, decide what you want to do with the email: delete it, mark it as read, put it in a folder, or label it.
  6. You can enable the Ignore other filters option if necessary (see Filter priority).
  7. Click enter a name if you would like to name the filter.

  8. To save a filter, click Create filter.

Check filter

You can find out what existing emails are being filtered. Just click on the filter itself, and then Check filter.

Edit a filter

To edit, disable or delete a filter, use the links to the right of the corresponding filter on the Message filters page.

Filter priority

Filters are applied in the same order as they are listed on the Message filters page: the higher the file is in the list, the higher its priority. If you would like to raise the priority of a filter, drag it up to a higher position.

Note. If actions that cannot be completed simultaneously have been set for several filters with the same conditions, only one of these filters will be applied (the one located higher in the list). For example, if “Move messages from to ‘From Cat’ is above “Move messages from to ‘Important’, the messages will be moved to “From Cat”.

If you have several filters with the same conditions and select Ignore other filters in one of them, the filters below this one will not be applied, while the ones above it will be used.

Example 1
The email meets the conditions of three filters. The Ignore other filters option is enabled for the first filter:

Example 2
The email meets the conditions of three filters. The Ignore other filters option is enabled for the second filter:

The filter isn't working

There are a few reasons why this might occur:

Not enough time has passed since you configured the filter
Wait a few minutes after setting up a message filter, because it might not begin working immediately.
The filter conditions are entered incorrectly
Check the properties and parameters conditions.
There are filters with higher priority in the list of filters
If the list contains filters higher up with the same conditions, or one of the filters higher up has the Ignore other filters option selected, this may affect how the filter is implemented. For more information, see Filter priority.

If the filter does not work a few minutes later and changing the settings does not help, please contact Yandex.Mail Support using the feedback form at the bottom of the page.