If you go on vacation and are unavailable, set up an autoresponder to reply to incoming email that meets certain conditions.

  1. Open Settings  → Message filtering and click Create filter.
  2. Under Apply, choose the type of message to apply the rule to from the list:

  3. Under If, set the filter conditions:

    For more information about parameters and values, see How to set a condition.

  4. You can specify several conditions for one filter. These conditions can be met simultaneously or separately:
    1. Under If, click Add condition, then choose the parameter and its value.
    2. Specify if these conditions must be met simultaneously:

  5. Enable the option to Reply with the following message and enter your text.

  6. Click Create a rule. Enter your Yandex password.

Auto-reply doesn't work

There are a few reasons why this might occur:

Not enough time has passed since configuring the filter
Wait a few minutes after setting up a message filter, because it might not begin working immediately.
The filtering conditions are specified incorrectly
Check the properties and parameters.
There are filters with higher priority in the list of filters
If the list contains filters higher up with the same conditions, or one of the filters higher up has the Ignore other filters option selected, this may affect how the rule is implemented. For more information, see Filter priority.
Email collected by the importer is not in my Inbox
If email arrives in your mailbox from another account, meaning you have email collection set up, but it is not in the Inbox, the filter doesn't apply to that email.

If the filter does not start working within a few minutes and changing the settings does not help, contact Yandex.Mail Support using the feedback form at the bottom of the page.