Additional addresses

You can write to friends and colleagues from different addresses. You can use your main Yandex email address for one situation and email aliases and a mailbox hosted on another service (like Gmail or Mail.Ru) for others.

  1. Email aliases
  2. Exclusive email address
  3. Mail addresses in other services
  4. Choose an address to send messages from

Email aliases

When you register a Yandex account, you receive the following email addresses:

  • primary address in your country's domain, such as
  • additional addresses:
    • in country domains: ru (Russia), by (Belarus), kz (Kazakhstan), ua (Ukraine)
    • in the domain
Note. The list of additional addresses depends on the country specified in your Yandex ID.

These addresses are considered aliases of your primary email address.

Aliases are required to maintain the uniqueness of your username.

Note. If your username includes a period (e.g. alice.the.girl), you automatically receive an alias like alice-the-girl in addition to your domain aliases.

You can also use your phone number as an alias.

Exclusive email address

If you have a Premium Yandex 360 subscription, you can get an exclusive email address. It's easy to remember and nice to share. For example, you can have an address like or

When you get an exclusive address, it becomes an alias of your main Yandex mail address. Emails will be sent from the new address by default. You can log in to your mailbox with both addresses.

So far, you can only get an exclusive email address in the .ru domain zone. You can't host an entire site on the domain, you can only add an email address.

If your subscription ends, you can still use the exclusive address for another 30 days, so you have time to renew your subscription. After 30 days, your exclusive address will be disabled.

  1. How to enable an exclusive address
  2. How to disable an exclusive address

How to enable an exclusive address

  1. Click in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Exclusive @ address.
  3. Choose the email address you like or enter your own. Make sure that the address is available.
    Note. The chosen address must not contain words that are contrary to public interest or the principles of humanity and morality. This includes obscene language, inhumane statements, and words that insult human dignity, religious sentiments, and so forth.
  4. Click Enable. If you don't have a subscription, after selecting the address you'll need to choose a plan and pay for your subscription.

You can add one exclusive email address per user.

How to disable an exclusive address

Attention. When the exclusive address is disabled, you can no longer use it to send and receive emails or log in to Yandex.Mail. The domain you chose can be used by other users.
  1. Click in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Exclusive @ address.
  3. Click Disable and confirm the action.

After that, emails will be sent by default from your main address in the domain.

You won't be able to re-enable your exclusive address for six months. If you want to add an exclusive address in the same domain, this domain needs to be free.

If you still have questions about an exclusive email address, contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.

Mail addresses in other services

If you want to send email from your address hosted on another service (for example, Gmail or, add this address on the Email addresses page and verify your access. After confirmation, you will be able to choose either your Yandex address alias or your mailbox address on another service in the From field.

Attention. If you add a mailbox address on another mailbox service, configure message collection from that mailbox to Yandex mailbox. You won't be able to send messages from that mailbox without configuring its message fetcher. When configuring a mail importer, specify the whole address instead of just the username, for example

If you can't send messages from an address hosted on another mail service even though the importer is configured correctly, it means that this service's security rules prohibit sending messages through third-party services, including Yandex.Mail.

Choose an address to send messages from

For all messages

You can choose an address to use in the Sender information section. This will be your default address for all emails. It will also be displayed in the upper-right corner on Yandex.Mail pages when you click the user's name and profile picture.

For a specific message

You can choose the address for sending a message on the page where you compose an email. The address you select will only be used for this particular message.

  1. Click the Cс, From ˅ button in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click the name in the From field.