Creating and setting rules

Create a rule

General principles

To create a rule:

  1. Open the menu Settings Mail processing rules and click on Create rule.
  2. In the section Apply, select from the list the type of emails you wish the rule to apply to:

  3. In the section If, specify the condition for processing:
    1. Select a parameter from the list (see more details in section Condition parameters).
    2. In the field on the right enter a value for the selected parameter (for example, an address or a keyword).
    3. Select, to which extent the condition must be met (see more details in section Condition properties).
  4. Several conditions can be specified for one rule. These conditions can be met simultaneously or separately. In order to add other parameters to the set rule:
    1. In the section If, click Add condition, select the parameter and its value .
    2. Please, specify if these conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously:

  5. In the section Perform action select an action which will be performed for the filtered emails.
  6. If necessary, enable Do not apply other rules (See Rule priorities).
  7. Click set name if you would like to name a rule.

  8. To save the rule, click Create rule.

Automatic message filtering

  • For emails to automatically go to specific folders, enable the option Put in folder and then select a folder from the list on the right.
  • If you want emails to be automatically marked with a specific label, enable the option Apply label and then select a label from from the list on the right.
If no rules are enabled or no one conditions applied, the emails arrive in the folder Inbox.
Tip. Simple sorting rules can be created in the menu Settings Folders and labels. Select the folder or label you need and click Create a rule. Specify the conditions for sorting emails and then click Create rule again.

Email forwarding

To configure forwarding of your emails to a different email address:

  1. In the section Perform action, click Continue and then enter your password for Yandex.
  2. Enable option Forward to address and specify the address for emails to be sent to. If you want to save copies of the forwarded emails, enable the option save copy during forwarding.
  3. Confirm forwarding. The instruction will arrive at the address that you specified after you click Create rule .
Tip. If you configure forwarding emails to a different mailbox on Yandex.Mail and want to receive old emails as well as new ones, configure the mail fetcher accordingly.
Attention! You cannot forward Spam messages.

Forwarding of notifications

To configure forwarding of notifications of new emails to a different mailbox:

  1. In the section Perform action, click Continue and then enter your password for Yandex.
  2. Enable Send notification to and enter your address.


To configure the autoresponder:

  1. In the section Perform action, click Continue and then enter your password for Yandex.
  2. Enable option Respond with the following text and enter the message text.

After creating the rule, the message that you specified will be automatically sent for each incoming email which is subject to the filtering conditions.

Edit the rule

To edit, disable or delete the rule, use the links to the right of the corresponding rule on the page Mail processing rules.

Rule priorities

The priority of the application of the rules depends on their position on the page Mail processing rules– the higher the rule position, the higher its priority.

For example, if equal conditions have been set for several rules, but with different actions to be performed, only one of these rules will be applied – the one with the highest priority.

If you would like to raise the priority of the rule, drag it up one position.

If in one of several rules with equal conditions, you enable the option Do not apply other rules, rules with a lower priority will not be applied.