Sender information

Changing names

You can change the name that is displayed in the From field next to your address. To do this, open the menu Settings Personal data, signature, portrait, type a new value in the My name section, and save the changes.

Note. Only your displayed name will change. Your Yandex username will remain the same.


You can create one or more signatures that will be automatically inserted in the message when it is created, replied, or forwarded. To do this, open the menu Settings Personal data, signature, portrait and enter signature text in the Your signatures section. You can also configure signature text using the toolbar located above the input field.

To use a signature when sending messages from a specific mail alias, include the option attach to address and select the required email address.

By default, the signature is put at the end of the message or correspondence. If you would like to add it right after the reply, configure Place signature respectively.

When a signature is ready, click Добавить подпись. You can always change or delete the signature using icons and (in the upper right corner of the signature).

The system determines the language of the signatures that have been added and will automatically place the appropriate signature when replying to messages, for example, in Turkish. To place this signature in replies to messages in another language, link it to that language:

  1. Click the icon for editing your signature.
  2. Select the language needed from the list.


  3. Click Save.

If you have several signatures, your can select one on the message creation page: click the icon to the left of the signature.

Additional addresses

You can link an additional address to your mailbox if you want the recipient to receive the message from your other email address rather than from your mail alias. To do this, open the menu Settings Personal data, signature, portrait and click the Edit link in the Send mail from address section.

Enter the address you would like to confirm and click Add. A confirmation message will be sent to this email address. As soon as the address is confirmed, it will appear on the bottom of your address list.

Sender’s portrait

You can load your portrait in Mail, and the recipients of your email will see your picture next to the From field. To do this, open the menu Settings Personal data, signature, portrait and click the Download portrait button in the My portrait section. If you do not have a suitable image, you can take a picture using your webcam by clicking the appropriate button.

Attention! It can take several days to change the portrait in the mail list.

If you have not downloaded the picture in Mail, then your avatar from a social network profile can be displayed in mail that supports the ability to search for images and user profiles by email address (for example, Facebook).

To change the portrait, remove the old image and load a new one. A Delete link will be available under the picture.

Note. The portrait image is only guaranteed to be supported in Yandex.Mail. If your message recipient uses a different mail service, it may not support this feature and the recipient will not see your picture in the message header.