Labels will help you arrange and quickly find the emails you want. Several important labels – Important and Unread – have been already created by default in the mailbox. Each email can be assigned any number of labels.

Important emails are highlighted red and marked with a label in the email list .

Note. You can mark a single message with any number of labels, as well as mark any number of messages with a single label.

Applying labels

To apply a label, select the required emails and click Apply label (top right):

Enter the name of the label (a maximum of 15 characters) and click on it to apply the changes. If you want to set the color for the new label right away, select item New label in the list of labels.

If you have already created some labels, you can simply drag emails to the required label or drag the label to the appropriate email.

Remove label

To remove a label, select the emails and click Apply label (top right). In the section Remove label select the name of the appropriate label and click on it to apply the changes:

You can also remove the label on the email page – click the cross on the appropriate label.

Edit labels

You can manage labels in the menu SettingsFolders and labels:

  • create new labels;
  • change and delete labels;
  • sort labels by the number of emails or in alphabetic order;
  • create rules for automatic sorting of emails.
Attention! The standard labels do not change and cannot be deleted.