Configure message lists

By default, active folders display the last 30 messages. To view the previous messages, click More messages in the lower part of the page.

You can change the number of messages displayed per page in the settings:

  1. Go to Settings Miscellaneous.
  2. The Message list section, specifies the number of messages to be displayed.

Select messages

Once the messages are selected, you can perform various operations, such as labeling, moving to another folder, or deleting.

Hold the Ctrl key when selecting messages in the three-panel interface. To select all messages on the page, use the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut.

Messages containing attachments are marked with. To view a list of files attached to a specific message, simply left-click the icon.

Group by subject

If you have frequent correspondence, enable the Group by theme option (above the list of messages, to the right). Your messages will be grouped into conversation threads. To expand or collapse a list of messages in a thread, click the subject of the message.

Each conversation displays all messages with the same subject, even if some of them are stored in other folders.

Note. In the three-panel interface, all messages are always grouped by subject. Note that the messages stored in the Spam, Deleted, and Drafts folders are never grouped.

You can also move within a message thread by using the message page.

View messages by month

To view messages for a certain month or year, you can use the Messages by month toggle (below the list of messages, to the right).

You can only filter messages by month or by year within the current folder. If you do not see any messages for the specified period, make sure you have opened the right folder.

Note. The three-panel interface does not support viewing messages by month.

If none of the folders contain a message for the specified period, then the message does not exist in your mailbox. For details on why this issue might happen and how to resolve it, see Messages disappear from my mailbox.