The following standard folders are available in the mailbox:

  • Inbox. All new emails go into this folder by default (except spam).

  • Sent. All emails that you send are automatically saved here.

  • Удалённые. All deleted emails go into this folder

  • Spam. Emails identified as spam go into this folder.

  • Drafts. Folder for storing drafts and templates.

  • Outbox. If your internet connection breaks while sending an email, the email will go into this folder. Once the Internet connection is restored, all messages in the queue will be sent automatically.

In the menu Settings Folders and labels you can create and configure other folders:

  • create embedded folders inside the Inbox folder;
  • rename, empty or delete folders;
  • mark all emails in the folder as read;
  • create rules for automatic sorting of emails.
Attention! The standard labels do not change and cannot be deleted.

Emails can be moved between the folders in several ways:

  • Method 1. Moving emails manually: select the emails and then click Move to folder (top right).
  • Method 2. create rules for automatic sorting of emails.