Migrate from POP3

Though popular, the POP3 protocol has the following drawbacks:

  • the folder list doesn't sync between the server and mail client
  • your mail is only linked to a single device; you can't manage your email on your computer and phone simultaneously.

If you switch your mail client from POP3 to IMAP, then you can work with Yandex Mail via your mail client in your browser and on the mobile app at the same time. With IMAP, your emails also won't be marked as read and disappear from the Yandex Mail server.

To migrate from POP3 to IMAP:

  1. Create an account that works via IMAP using the same email client where you have an account using POP3. When creating the account, use the same username and password that you have for your account that uses POP3.
  2. Make sure that all emails are saved on the Yandex Mail server. Go to Yandex Mail and view your email archive.

    If all your emails are there, mark them as read. You can do this by going to Folders and labels, choosing each folder, and clicking Mark all messages in folder as read (to the right of the folder list).

    If some emails are missing
    If some messages are in your email client but are missing in Yandex Mail, you can upload them to the website using IMAP. Find the emails that aren't on the site in your mail client, select them on the list, and drag them to the Inbox (or any other) folder in your new account.
    Note. If there are a lot of emails, you can move them in groups of 30-50. The more emails you move or the more attachments they contain, the longer you'll have to wait for them to upload. After you upload each group of emails, check Yandex Mail to make sure they have appeared in your mailbox. Only then should you start uploading the next group.
  3. Delete your old POP3 account.
    Attention. If you don't delete your old account, then emails may automatically be marked as read and you won't get notifications about new emails.

    Select your computer's OS and your mail client:

    MS Outlook
    1. Open File → Info → Account settings.
    2. Select your new account (the one that uses IMAP).
    3. Click Default.
    4. Select your old account (the one that uses POP3).
    5. Click Delete.
    6. Confirm deletion.
    1. Right-click the account name (in the folder list) and choose Settings.
    2. Choose Remove account from the Account actions list (in the lower left corner).
    3. Confirm deletion.
    The Bat!
    1. Right-click the account name (in the folder list) and choose Delete account.
    2. Select how you want to delete your mailbox files.
    3. Confirm deletion.
    Opera Mail
    1. Go to Opera Mail → Mailboxes.
    2. Select your POP3 account.
    3. Click Delete.
    4. Confirm deletion.

Go to the site

In Yandex Mail, you can:

Go to the mobile app

Install the Mobile Yandex Mail app.

Using the app, you can:

  • compose and send emails
  • manage received email
  • add and delete additional mailboxes
  • use gestures to handle your emails
  • group your emails by subject

For more information on the app, see the Android or iOS sections.