The Bat!

To receive mail using The Bat!, enable POP3 or IMAP protocol in your mailbox settings.

  1. Configuring IMAP protocol
  2. Problems with the Bat!

Configuring IMAP protocol

  1. Launch the program and configure it using the setup wizard.
  2. Enter the following account parameters in theCreate a new mailbox window:
    • Your name — user name (for example, Alice Little)
    • Email address — your Yandex email address (for example,
    • Password – your Yandex password (or the application password if you enabled two-factor authentication)
    • ProtocolIMAP or POP
    Click Next.

    If you already have an account set up in The Bat! and you want to add another one, go to Account → New....

  3. Enter the following account settings in the Inbox window:
    • For receiving mail IMAP — Internet Mail Access Protocol v4
    • Server
    • ConnectionSecure connection via a dedicated port (TLS)
    • Port993
    Click Next.
  4. Enter the following account settings in the Outbox window:
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
    • ConnectionSecure connection via a dedicated port (TLS)
    • Port 465
    • Enable My SMTP server requires authentication.
    Click Next.
  5. Click Done in Account details.

  6. Synchronize the newly created account with the server to obtain a list of folders. To do this, right-click on the mailbox name and select Update folder tree.
  7. Right-click the mailbox name and select Account properties. Go to Mail management on the left. Find For pre-defined folders, use these IMAP mailboxes in the box to the right. Enable Sent mail and select Sent from the list. Enable Trash and select Deleted from the list. Click When the Bat! starts in Connect to the server.
  8. Click Message filtering → Deleting, and specify the Trash folder as the folder for standard and alternative deletion. Also disable the option Use alternative deletion for old messages and enable the option Automatically compress folders after emptying.
  9. Click Options and enable Check mailbox at start-up and Compact all folders on exit.
  10. Click OK to apply the changes and restart the program.