Opera Mail

To receive email using Opera Mail, first enable POP3 or IMAP protocol in your mailbox settings.

  1. Configuring IMAP protocol
  2. Problems with Opera

Configuring IMAP protocol

  1. Start the program, select the Email item in the list of account types and click Next.
  2. Specify the following account parameters:
    • Real name – user name (e.g., “James Kirk”)
    • Email address – your Yandex email address (e.g. “capt.kirk@yandex.ru”).

    Click Next.

  3. Specify the following account parameters:
    • Login name– your Yandex username, for example, “capt.kirk”
    • Password – your Yandex password (or the application password if you enabled two-factor authentication)
    • Account typeIMAP
    Attention. If you configure receiving mail from a mailbox like “username@yandex.ru”, then specify the part of the address before the @ sign in the “Username” field.

    Click Finish.

  4. Synchronize the newly created account with the server to obtain a list of folders.
  5. Click in the mailbox name and choose Properties.
  6. Go to the IMAP tab and configure the Sent, Trash, and Spam folders.
  7. Click OK to apply the changes and restart the program.