Translation of messages

You can translate incoming and outgoing messages into another language using the built-in translator.

Translation of incoming messages

Yandex.Mail automatically detects the language of each incoming message and suggests a translation when its language differs from the language of the user interface. To translate an incoming message, choose one of the available languages from the list or use a tooltip, and then click Translate.

If you want to restore the original text, click Revert.

If you have previously translated an incoming message using the built-in translator, Yandex.Mail will offer to translate the reply as well. To translate the reply, click Reply using translator.

Translation of outgoing messages

To translate an outgoing message:

  1. Click Translator to the right of the text field.
  2. Select the appropriate language from the suggested options.
  3. Click Replace message text with translation.

If you decide to add some text in the translator's window, the translation will be generated simultaneously until the message size exceeds 1,000 characters. If your message is too large to finish translating, then click Translate just below the text field to finish the translation process.

When necessary, you can cancel the translation in several ways.

Method 1 (if you have not replaced your text with translation yet):

  1. Click Translator once again to switch back from the translation mode.
  2. In the pop-up dialog “Replace the message with translation?” select No.

Method 2 (If you have already replaced your text with the translation, but not edited the translation yet):

  1. Click Translator to return to the translation mode again.
  2. Click Cancel to the right of the Replace the message with translation button.

Disable the translator

To disable the translator:

  1. Go to Settings Miscellaneous.
  2. Disable the suggest translation for messages option.
  3. Save the changes.