Composing messages

To compose a new message, click Compose in the top menu of the mailbox. In the opening window, you will see a form for composing messages and options for formatting or translating the message, checking spelling, attaching files, and setting additional parameters for sending the message.

Entering addresses

Enter the recipient's address in the To field or select the contact from the address book. If you are writing to a recipient not listed among your contacts, the address will be highlighted in grey. To add this address to the list, left-click on it and select Add to the address book.

As you type the first letters of the name, surname, or email address in the To field, you will see a list of suggestions with matching contacts.

To search names or surnames, you can use Cyrillic instead of Latin characters and vice versa. For example, you can type either the Latin N or Cyrillic H to find Nyota Uhura. Recipients you have recently corresponded with will appear at the top of the list.

Note.  If you want to see the names and addresses of recipients and senders in the To field, follow the following steps:
  1. Go to the Settings menu in Contacts.
  2. Uncheck the option Show names of recipients and senders instead of email addresses.
  3. Click save changes.

To move an address from the To field to another field (for example, Cc), drag the address you need by pressing and holding the left mouse button.

Sending messages to several recipients

You can send your message to several recipients at one time. To do this, enter several addresses in the To field separating them with a comma and space, for example,,,

Note. You can specify up to 35 addresses in a single message.

If you have one main recipient and several optional recipients, type the main address in the To field and then type the remaining addresses in the Cc field.

Each recipient will be able to view all addresses specified in the To field. If you want to hide certain addresses, then simply move them to the Bcc field.

Attention! Some recipients marked as Bcc may not receive your message, since spam filters sometimes erase the messages in which the visible fields do not contain the address of the given mailbox.

Send a message from another address

If you want to send a message to a recipient from another email address, then specify your additional email address on the Email addresses page. Once your new mailbox is confirmed, its address will be added to the options of the From field where your existing Yandex aliases are already available.

Format text

If you want use the formatting panel to change the visual appearance of your text, click Format message to the right of the input area.

The formatting panel allows you to apply bold or italics style to text, change color or font size, create bulleted or numbered lists, and so on.


To check spelling in the formatting mode, click Check spelling, to the right of the input area. When you type a text with disabled formatting, the spelling is checked automatically.

All misspelled words are underlined in red. Click a misspelled word to display a context menu with spelling options and choose the appropriate spelling.

If you are sure that the spelling is correct, then choose Skip this word, and the system will not underline it anymore.

Drafts and templates

When you are writing a message, all changes you make are automatically saved as a draft every 10 seconds. If you want to finish and send the message later, you can return to edit it. To edit a draft, simply go to the Drafts folder and open the last saved version of your message.

If you frequently send similar or even the same messages (e.g., invitations, CVs, or job offers), you are can save them as templates. Unlike drafts, the templates will not be erased once the message is sent. All templates are reusable, so you can easily compose template-based emails to your partners, colleagues, or friends.

To create a template, open the message creation form and then click Template in the Subject field:

Click New template, specify a subject, and then type the message body. Optionally, you can also add an attachment.

Once the template is ready, click Save template. Now you can open the necessary template directly when composing a message. Simply click Template and select a template from the list:

All templates you have created are stored in a separate subfolder in Drafts and contain only subject, attachments, and text in the message body (without recipients).

Send a copy of a message via SMS

You can send a copy of your message to the recipient's mobile device, free of charge.

Simply click SMS copy in the To field (next to the recipient's name). If your mobile phone number is not linked to your mailbox, then you have to verify your email account first.

If a contact's phone number is listed in your address book, then the number will be automatically copied to the SMS field. Otherwise, type the mobile phone number manually.


The SMS service has the following limitations:

  • you can only send an SMS to one recipient and to one phone number;

  • you cannot send a copy of a SMS message to yourself.

Attention! Please type the information carefully. Make sure that both the email address and the phone number belong to the same person.

Once you have sent a message, the recipient will receive an SMS containing a link to your message. If your recipient uses a smartphone, then they can send you a reply without opening their mailbox. Here's how:

  1. Follow a link in the SMS.
  2. Type a message in the text field at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Send.

To continue the conversation, simply find the reply in your Inbox folder.

If you have added an attachment to the message, it will also be available for the recipient via the link.

Note. The recipient can send you a reply through SMS regardless of the email service they use.

Message delivery notification

If you want to receive a message delivery report, click notify about delivery (in the lower right corner of the text field) before sending the message.

Once the message is successfully delivered, a report will be sent to your mailbox.

Attention! This report notifies you about the delivery of your message, but not whether the recipient has read it.

Reminder about resending

When you send an important message that needs a reply from a recipient, you can set up a reminder about resending this message. To do so, simply click remind (in the lower right corner of the text field) before sending the message.

If your recipient does not respond in 5 days, you will receive a reminder to send the message again.

To view all your messages that have not yet received a response, click under the list of folders.

Delayed delivery

If you want your message to be sent on a certain date and time:

  1. Click (below the text field next to the Send button).
  2. Enable option send <date> at <time>.
  3. Specify the date and time when to send your message
Note. You can postpone delivery of your message for up to one year from the current date.