Replying to messages

You can reply to messages in any of the following ways:

Method 1. To quickly reply to a message in the same window, use the form in the lower part of the page.

Note. If you want to open the full reply form, click in the form.

Method 2. Click Reply in the upper toolbar.

This will add the Re: (“reply”) prefix in the beginning of the message subject.

Tip. When replying to a message, you can easily add or remove the recipients from the list in the To field.

Message thread

The first message in a sequence along with all replies are grouped into a message thread (for details on how to work with message threads, seeGroup by subject).

By default, the first line of the previous message is displayed just under the message opened from the conversation. Click View trimmed message to expand the previous message entirely. To view all messages in this thread, click the link below Show all messages.

You can also move within a single message thread using the panel on the right:

Quick message search

To quickly search for a certain message, attachment, or link, you can use the navigation panel (on the right part of the message page).

The tabs in this section contain the following:

  • All messages from the conversation (all messages from the current message thread).
  • All conversations (the messages you have sent or received from specific recipient).
  • All attachments (all files exchanged by the participants of the conversations).
  • All links (all links sent to each other by the participants of the conversations).

If the messages contain any images, these images will be displayed as thumbnails on the All attachments tab. Simply left-click this image to open it in the view mode and access additional functions for handling images.