Log in and log out

You can log in to your mailbox from any device connected to the Internet. To do this, type in the browser address bar, enter your Yandex username and password and click Log on.

Note. If you have connected to the Internet from a third party device and do not want the browser to save your username and password, enable the do not remember me option on the authorization page. Your session is terminated when you close the browser or 2 hours after your last operation in Yandex.Mail.

If you want to log into Yandex using your profile in a social network (e.g., Facebook), you should first grant Yandex access to your personal data:

For more details on how to log into Yandex, see Log in to Yandex.

If you fail to log in to Yandex with your credentials, follow the guidelines on how to recover your username and password.

Switching between accounts

If you use several Yandex accounts, you can switch between them without entering the username and password:

You can select an account from the Passport and from other Yandex services which support this feature. The selected account is considered the main one: using it, you will be authorized on services which do not yet support switching.

You can add no more than 5 accounts to the list. In order to delete any account from the list, switch to it and follow the link Log out. The current account will disappear from the list, and you switch automatically to the next one.

Note. On the main Yandex page and in the search results, the Log out link deletes all accounts from the list. So, you will need to log in again to continue your work.

To delete several accounts, follow the Add user link and click on Edit list.

Logging out of your mailbox

To finish your session, open the account menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click Log out.

If you have forgotten to finish your session on a third party device, click Log out on all devices in the account menu. You can also do this on the page Passports from the link Log out on all computers.

Attention! To log in to Yandex services again, you will have to re-enter your username and password on each device.