Standard folders

The following standard folders are available in the mailbox:

  • Inbox. All new emails (besides spam and emails that end up in other folders in accordance with your filters).

  • Sent. All emails you send

  • Trash. All emails deleted by you or deleted automatically by your filters.

  • Spam. Emails determined to be spam.

  • Drafts. Drafts of emails and templates.

  • Outbox. Emails that were not sent due to problems with the internet connection. Once the Internet connection is restored, the emails will be sent automatically.
  • Archive. Folder for old emails.
    Note. If the Archive doesn't contain any messages, the folder is not displayed. To move a message to this folder, right-click the message and select Archive.

The standard labels do not change and cannot be deleted.

Personal folders

To create a personal folder, click Create folder under the folder list.

You can create and edit personal folders by going to Settings  → Folders and labels:

  • Create folders inside the Inbox folder.
  • Rename, empty, or delete folders.
  • Mark all emails in the folder as read.
  • Create filters for automatic sorting of emails.

Sorting a list of personal folders

Personal folders in a list can be moved and reordered by dragging and dropping the folder to a new place in the folder list.

If you cannot move a folder, make sure the allow dragging and dropping of messages and folders option is enabled in the mailbox settings.

All personal folders are sorted alphabetically by default. If you move at least one folder, the alphabetic order will not be restored.

Folders I created have disappeared

Check that the folders you created are in the list of all folders in your mailbox settings. If you see all your folders there but they do not appear when you view the list of messages, it means the list of personal folders is collapsed. To expand it, click the corresponding icon.

A list of folders can also be collapsed into icons. In this case, only folders with unread messages and system folders are displayed. To expand the list of folders, click :

Move message to a folder

To move messages to another folder, select them and click To folder in the top menu or drag to the folder's name in the list to the left. You can also move emails between folders by setting up an automatic email sorting filter.

If the Archive folder does not contain any messages, it will not be displayed in the list of folders. To move a message to this folder, right-click the message and select Archive.

If you cannot move a message to another folder, refresh the page by clicking Ctrl+F5. Then clear the browser cache and delete all cookies before you try again.

Yandex.Mail may not work properly due to certain browser extensions or add-ons. You can temporarily disable them to determine if this is the case. If ad blockers or antivirus extensions are causing problems with Yandex.Mail, then you can add the Mail page to the list of exceptions for that particular extension.

The recommendations on the page didn't help

If you followed all the recommended steps, but the issue has not been resolved, or your question is not in this list, contact the support service using the form below.