Yandex.Mail: FAQ's

Accessibility and security

I don't remember my password

I think I've been hacked

Emails have disappeared from the mailbox

Unreliable connection


Non-spam messages arrive in the Spam folder

How do I block unwanted messages?

Unsubscribe from mailings

My mailing goes to spam

Email clients

How do I configure the email client?

I can't get or send email

I don't see my sent mail

I can't delete emails

General site problems

I can't search through my mail

The Yandex.Mail site isn't working

My folders have disappeared

The page loads slowly

Message filters

How can I set up mail forwarding?

Forwarding mail to another address does not work

A filter isn't working

Importing mail from another mailbox

The mail import doesn't retrieve emails

I can't connect mail import

The mail import is slow

Mail import is not importing emails from my mailbox to another mailbox

Send and retrieve mail

I'm not getting my mail

My recipients aren't getting my emails

How do I choose the sender's address?


The wrong picture is displayed

How can I unlink my social network profile?

Sorting a list of personal folders

How can I add a picture to my signature?