Yandex 360 subscription

When you sign up for Yandex 360, you get:

  • You can enable an exclusive email address which is easy to remember, for example,
  • You can create a backup of emails to save important messages and restore them if something happens to them.
  • You can have primary emails (the ones you usually read first) automatically highlighted.
Note. To learn more about other subscription benefits, go to the Yandex 360 page.
  1. Purchasing a subscription in the app
  2. Manage subscriptions
  3. Can I buy multiple subscriptions in the app?

Purchasing a subscription in the app

Note. If you have several Yandex accounts, make sure that you're logged in from the account for which you want to activate your subscription. You won't be able to transfer your subscription from one account to another.
  1. In the bottom panel, tap More → Try it.
  2. Select a plan:
    Plan Monthly subscription. Monthly payment. Annual subscription. Payment is made once a year.
    Lite $0.99/month $5.49/year
    Standard 100 GB $1.49/month $9.99/year
    Premium 1 TB $2.49/month $18.99/year
    Premium 3 TB $5.49/month $38.99/year
    Premium 5 TB $7.99/month $59.99/year
    Note. You can go to the Yandex 360 subscription page to buy space using a different plan. To lean more, see Help for the full version of Yandex.Mail.
  3. Follow the instructions in the App Store.

Can I buy multiple subscriptions in the app?

You can't buy multiple subscriptions. You can only have one active subscription. So, you can only replace your current subscription with a new one.

If you are having problems with the Yandex.Mail app, please let us know via the feedback form in the app:

  1. Pull the screen to the right.
  2. Select Help and support under the list of folders.
  3. Select Problem.
  4. Select a subject.
  5. Describe your problem in as much detail as possible.
Attention. If you'd like to report a problem with the mobile app, please use the feedback form in the app rather than the one in Help. This way your request will be received by the right support specialists and you will get a quicker response. When sending a request from the app, our specialists can view all the relevant technical information to better help you.If the app crashes unexpectedly and you can't use it to contact us, please send the error message via the feedback form.