Message categories

Yandex.Mail makes it easy to work with different message categories. You can automatically sort incoming email to the Mailing lists, Social networks, and With attachments folders.

Emails sorted to the Mailing lists and Social networks folders can only be found in these folders and aren't duplicated anywhere else. Emails with attachments are stored in their relevant folders, but are also displayed under the With attachments category to make them easier to find.

To disable system folders with categories:
  1. Pull the screen to the right.
  2. Tap Settings (under the list of folders and labels).
  3. Select the account to disable categories for.
  4. Disable Sort emails by category.

After that, newsletters and social networks emails will be sent back to the Inbox and other folders.

If you are having problems with the Yandex.Mail app, please let us know via the feedback form in the app:

  1. Pull the screen to the right.
  2. Select Help and support under the list of folders.
  3. Select Problem.
  4. Select a subject.
  5. Describe your problem in as much detail as possible.
Attention. If you'd like to report a problem with the mobile app, please use the feedback form in the app rather than the one in Help. This way your request will be received by the right support specialists and you will get a quicker response. Besides, when you send your request directly from the app, our support specialists see the technical information that can help resolve the issue. If the app crashes unexpectedly and you can't use it to contact us, please send the error message via the feedback form.