Manage all your mailboxes in Yandex.Mail

You can add mailboxes from different services to the app and easily switch between them. It's convenient and secure. The app makes it easier to work with emails, allows you to set up custom notifications for each folder, and protects your email.

  1. What mailboxes can be added
  2. Why this is convenient
  3. How to add a mailbox
  4. What else you need to know

What mailboxes can be added

  • Yandex
  • Mail.Ru
  • Google
  • Hotmail
  • Rambler
  • Yahoo!
  • QIP, NGS
  • or any other

Why this is convenient

Custom notifications

You won't miss important emails: configure notifications for a specific folder in each mailbox.

Protect email from others

You can protect the app with a pin code and additionally, for a device with Touch ID or Face ID, with your fingerprint or facial image.

Dark theme

Yandex.Mail for and iOS has a dark theme. You can read emails in the dark without disturbing others.

Attachment thumbnails

If there's a picture attached, you see its thumbnail next to the subject of the message in the inbox.

Cancel sending

If you sent an email by mistake, you can cancel sending it within a few seconds of sending.

Send compressed images

Yandex.Mail can compress outgoing images. This helps you save mobile internet traffic if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Listen to emails

If you are in a rush and have difficulty reading an message on the move, Yandex.Mail will read it for you.

How to add a mailbox

You don't need a Yandex.Mail account to add a mailbox. Just enter your username and password from your mailbox in another service and you can immediately read and respond to emails from Yandex.Mail.

For more information, see Log in and out.

What else you need to know

To make all the app features available to you, Yandex.Mail uploads your mail onto Yandex servers. This is safe and secure: emails are encrypted and only you have access to them.

If you want to delete mailbox data from Yandex servers:

  1. Switch to the mailbox that you want to stop using in the app.
  2. Contact us from the app's feedback form:
    1. Pull the screen from the left border.
    2. Select Help and support under the list of folders.
    3. Select Problem.
    4. Then select Delete mailbox from Yandex.Mail.
    5. Send the message.
  3. Delete your mailbox from the app.
Note. Make sure to follow the instructions in order. If you first remove the mailbox from the app and then contact us from another account, we won't be able to delete the data.

When the data is deleted from the servers, you'll receive an email. You can read it in any other mail application.