How do I select several messages at once?

  1. Select the first message using one of the following methods:
    • Method 1. Tap the sender's image in the message row.
    • Method 2. Tap and hold the message row.
  2. Then choose other messages by tapping them.

How do I log out of my account?

You can log out from your account using Android system settings.

If you only want to suspend one of the mailboxes without deleting it from the system, tap disable this mailbox in the app settings.

How do I disable notifications and message downloads?

You can configure push notifications and synchronization for each individual folder:

  1. Pull the screen to the right.
  2. Tap Settings (under the list of folders and labels).
  3. Choose the account where you want to configure the notifications and synchronize certain folders.
  4. In the Notifications and offline access section, select one of the following options for each folder:
    • Get notifications and load messages — the content will be loaded in the background, and you will be notified about new messages.
    • Load messages — the content will be downloaded in the background, but you will not be notified about new messages.
    • Do not load — the content will be downloaded only when you open the folder.
      Attention. Message loading can only be disabled in conjunction with notifications. You cannot disable message downloading without also disabling notifications.

Where is the address book in the app?

Currently the app does not have its own address book. Instead, you can type the first letters of the recipient's name or email address in the To field, and the app will suggest possible options.

Why doesn't the app icon appear in the notification center?

To save battery life, the new version of the app retrieves information about new messages without permanent connection to the server. This is why the connection icon does not appear in the notification center.

No connection with the server

Check whether you are connected to the internet (the Yandex.Mail app needs to be connected to the internet to work correctly):

  • Are you connected to a mobile network?
  • Do you have enough money on your mobile phone account?
  • Can you use another internet connection, e.g. Wi-Fi?

How do I change my password?

You can change the password in the Yandex.Mail web interface (see Forgot password).

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can recover your password on the access recovery page.

I've forgotten my username. What should I do?

If you've forgotten your username, try to use the tip on the access recovery page. The tip can help if you've recently accessed your Yandex account from the same mobile phone.

Alternatively, you can ask your recent correspondents to tell you what email address you used.

Messages are missing

If you've accidentally deleted messages or they are just missing, try looking for them in the Deleted folder (the messages in this folder are kept for 7 days after deletion). To recover your messages:

  1. Go to the Deleted folder.
  2. Select the appropriate messages. To select a message, tap the sender's image in the message row.
  3. Tap in the upper part of the screen.
  4. Tap Move to folder
  5. Select a destination folder for the message.

If the missing messages are not available in the Deleted folder, they unfortunately cannot be recovered.

If you're sure that you haven't deleted them, try the following:

  1. Open the visitors log in the Yandex.Mail web interface and check the information about mailbox activity for the last week.
  2. Change your password on the Passwords page. Make sure that you comply with the email security rules.
  3. Check whether you're using any apps that can automatically delete email messages. If you have any app which uses the POP3 protocol on your smartphone, make sure to configure it to keep copies of all downloaded messages on the email server.

I cannot receive notifications from social networks or online forums

Attention. If you created your Yandex account after registering in a social network or forum, you will not receive any confirmation emails. In this case, request the email from the website again.

If you do not receive a confirmation message after registering in a social network or forum, try the following:

  1. Check whether your email address is entered correctly.
  2. Make sure that the message handling rules are not configured to delete such messages. (Note that you can disable or delete a rule only in the Yandex.Mail web interface)
  3. Make sure that the email address of the social network or forum is not blacklisted. (Note that you can only delete an email address from the black list in the Yandex.Mail web interface)

If you are sure that the mailbox settings and email address are correct, try requesting a message from the website again. If the message does not arrive within a few hours, please contact site administration.

How do I create custom folders?

Custom folders can only be created in the Yandex.Mail web interface (see Folders).