Route navigation

When you move along a route, the app shows the direction and route parameters. They depend on the selected mode of transport.

  1. By car
  2. By public transport
  3. By taxi
  4. On foot
  5. By bike or scooter

By car

While driving, the screen displays:

  • Distance to destination, travel time, and estimated time of arrival.
  • Traffic on the route.
  • Upcoming maneuver and distance to it.
  • Current speed and the speed limit for the route section.
  • Traffic lanes. The lanes that are appropriate for your route are shown in white, and the lanes that don't work are colored gray.
  • Busy railway crossings.
  • Ferry crossings and checkpoints if there is a ferry crossing or a mandatory checkpoint on the route.
  • Speed bumps (voice notifications are enabled by default and activated if your speed is above 40 km/h and Alice is enabled).

To view the entire route or alternative routes, tap . To go back to an up-close view of the current route segment, tap Continue route.

Tap to go to the quick settings menu:

Yandex Maps may suggest a faster route while driving:

  • To open the route window, tap View.
  • To hide the route window, tap No, thanks.

If you don't want suggestions for faster routes, go to navigation settings and disable the alternative route option.

Rate a route

When you complete a route, Yandex Maps may ask you to rate it.

To rate a route:

  1. Select the number of stars.
  2. Add evaluation criteria and a comment if you want.
  3. Tap Send.

If you don't want to rate the route, tap End.

By public transport

Public transport routes consist of segments. Each segment is represented by a card with hints at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the cards to see the time and distance of each segment.

The cards for metro sections include:

  • Exit numbers for transfer stations.
  • Numbers of cars to board for the best access to exits and transfers.

By taxi

During the ride, the screen displays:

  • The route to your destination.
  • The remaining travel time.
  • Car color, make, and registration number.
  • The driver's name and rating.

On foot

When you're on foot, Yandex Maps show the distance and time to your destination. The app also displays stairs along the way.

Voice notifications about maneuvers are enabled by default. To disable them, tap .

To receive notifications in the background, enable background navigation in the app settings.

By bike or scooter

When you ride a bicycle or a scooter, the screen displays your speed, distance to your destination, and travel time. Route sections are highlighted in different colors:

  • Green indicates a bike lane.
  • Purple indicates roads with traffic.
  • Gray indicates a closed area.

The app also displays the number of stairs on the route.

As you move along your route, the app notifies you of the upcoming maneuvers. Voice notifications are enabled by default. To disable them, tap .

To receive notifications in the background, enable background navigation in the app settings.