Yandex.Maps lets you view traffic in many cities.

To display traffic jams, tap Traffic (to turn this mode off, just tap it again).

The traffic level is indicated by color:

  • — traffic is moving freely
  • — traffic is moving slower in this area
  • — traffic is jammed up
  • — road blocked

If there is no reliable traffic data for a given area, then you will not see a color indicator.

When this mode is turned on, the Traffic button displays information about the traffic jam level using a point scale:

Here's what the button color means:

  • green — roads are clear, no traffic jams
  • yellow — average traffic, some congestion
  • red — lots of backed-up traffic in the city
  • Blinking yellow means that traffic data is being uploaded from the network.

Points correspond to the traffic level, which is measured on a scale of one to ten.

  • 1 — Traffic is moving freely
  • 2 — Traffic is moving fairly freely
  • 3, 4 — There are areas of congestion
  • 5 — Traffic is heavy
  • 6 — Traffic is backed up
  • 7 — There are serious jams
  • 8 — Jams extend for several km
  • 9 — Traffic is at a complete standstill
  • 10 — Faster to walk

In addition to traffic, you may also see road events on the map: accidents, road work, etc.


All personal information is removed from road alerts; they don't contain any identifying information about the user or their car.