Configure app

Map interface settings

You can configure the interface and map functionality by choosing or enabling the following:

Map type

To choose a map type (appearance):

Tap the Menu button and then one of the Map/Satellite/Hybrid buttons.


  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Tap Settings → Map → Map type.

  3. Select a map type:

    • Map is a roadmap that shows map objects such as roads, buildings, and so on.

    • Satellite is an image of a particular area taken from space.

    • Hybrid is a satellite image with additional information added to it (street names, addresses, etc.)


This setting lets you specify what you want to display on the traffic, parking, panorama and real time transport map.

To set a value:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Tap Layers.

  3. Enable the options you require, and the corresponding buttons will be displayed in the main window of the app:

    • Traffic includes thetraffic jam layer

    • Parking includes the parking layer

    • Panoramas includes the panoramas layer

    • Moving transport ─ in the list that opens, select which modes of public transport that you want to see:

      • — Buses
      • Trolleybuses
      • — Trams
      • — Minibuses
    If one of these options is enabled, the main app window will show a button that includes the selected layer (Parking or Moving transport ).

    If two or more options are enabled, under the Layers button in the main app window a panel with the selected layers will be visible.

    For example, Parking and Moving transport:

Night mode

Night mode is a color scheme intended for use in the dark: the screen turns darker so that it doesn't blind the driver.

To turn night mode on or off:

  1. Tap the Menu button .

  2. Go to Settings → General.

  3. Choose Night mode.

    You can turn on night mode manually or it can go on automatically:

    • Automatic — Activates as the sun sets (the sunset time is calculated based on your location).

    • On or Off — Turn the mode on/off manually.

Measurement unit

To choose a measurement unit for distances and speeds:

  1. Tap the Menu button .

  2. Go to Settings → General.

  3. Choose Distance units.

  4. Choose the measurement unit: kilometers or miles.

Voice input language

To choose a voice input language:

  1. Tap the Menu button .

  2. Go to Settings → General.

  3. Choose Voice input language.

  4. Choose your voice input language: Russian, English, Ukrainian, or Turkish.

Caller ID

Turn this option on and, when getting a call from an unknown number, Yandex.Maps will show you which company this number belongs to (if it belongs to a company that Yandex.Maps has information on.)

Road events

See the Road events section.

Zoom buttons

To show or hide the zoom buttons on the map:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Map.

  3. Switch the Zoom buttons option.

Scale ruler

To show or hide the scale ruler on the map:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Maps.

    Switch the ruler option.

Map rotation

You can turn the map with two fingers. To turn the map rotation feature on or off:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Maps.

  3. Switch the Map rotation option.

If you turn on map rotation and turn the map, it displays the Compass button with a red arrow pointing to the North (read more in the Change the map orientation section).

Volume buttons

This setting is available only on Android devices. Turn on this option to change the map scale using the volume buttons.

Interface settings while following the route

Speed cameras

To display or hide notifications about speed cameras located along the route:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Routes → Cameras.

  3. Switch the Show notifications option.

  4. If the Show notifications option is on, choose the type of camera to show:

    • Speed control.

    • Lane control.

    • Traffic police post.


To turn on or off the voice navigation (notifications) when you are moving along the route:

  1. Tap the Menu button .

  2. Go to Settings → Routes → Sound.

  3. Switch the Play notifications option.

  4. If the Play notifications is on, choose voice notification options:

    • Language ─ Choose the language.

    • Voice ─ Choose the voice (male or female).

    • Turn on the notifications you want to receive:

      • Road alerts (choose the event type ─ accidents, road works, dangerous roads).

      • Upcoming manoeuvres.

      • Speed limits on the route.

        If the Speed limit option is enabled, move the slider to set the number of km/hr (between 0 and 40) that you can exceed the limit. The app will alert you of speed limits and cameras out loud.

Background navigation

To enable or disable background route navigation, such as when the app is minimized or when the device screen is switched off:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Routes.

  3. Turn Background navigation on or off.


To turn the automatic map zoom on or off when moving along the route:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go toSettings → Routes.

  3. Switch the Auto-zoom option.

Routes in Yandex.Navigator

You can track the trip along a route built in Yandex.Navigator (you need to have the Yandex.Navigator app installed on your device):

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Routes and turn on the Directions in Navigator option.

Avoid toll roads

To automatically avoid toll roads when setting routes:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Routes

  3. Turn the Avoid toll roads option on or off.